Matthew Hooton- Only half right half the time

Hooten definitely has a good understanding of local politics but I wish the mainstream media would stop referring to him as “right wing”. Hooten is not right wing by any moderate standards. He’s a left winger with some support for liberal economic policies but in true political terms he would probably more likely qualify as a left wing Progressive.

His political origins are left and he has only comparatively recently swung away from that side of the spectrum. He once supported Labour, and is recorded as describing the Klark government as a “breath of fresh air” after the Shipley Bolger years. He has also praised Klark as a “good manager”. He helped Don Brash organise a coup against Bill English, and then supported John Key’s replacement of Don Brash after asking Brash to resign. I suggest that nobody on the true right would prefer the soft leftist Key over the Conservative Brash.

In fact it was Brash’s Conservatism that got him off side with Hooton, and he once said Brash had “communicated to Maori, solo mums, homosexuals, immigrants and people planning to vote Labour that he did not see them as ‘mainstream New Zealanders'”. Of course this was not fact, merely left wing spin, and if Hooton had indeed been right wing he would never have said it.

Hooton also buys into David Frum style attitudes to Sarah Palin. He weakly describes her as “a moron” and disdains her interests in guns. Any right winger knows how important guns are to liberty, Hooton is yet to reach that simple Conservative milestone in political thought. He once, in a television studio, called Winston Peters a “fucking cunt” to his face. These are the words of a progressive with behavioral standards more in the shape of Perez Hilton rather than anyone on the right.

Brash’s relationship with Hooton is reported to have ended after Brash’s chief strategists Peter Keenan sent an email describing Hooton as “an idiot” who “is totally full of himself, and not half as good as his own self-image”. I agree with Peter Keenan. In fact I consider Palin far less a moron than Hooton an idiot.

The bottom line is that we have to stop accepting such politically confused people appointing themselves as spokesmen for the right. It is Hooton’s political fluidity that makes him unhelpful to our cause. We cannot afford to have that cause undermined by ideologically confused Progressives with ideas unsympathetic to Conservatism claiming to speak for us. Hooton speaks for the left. He proved that by undermining Don Brash.

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  1. I recall in one opinion piece Hooton wrote, he described himself as a “bleeding heart liberal” when it came to Treaty and welfare issues. (which is presumably why he worked against the Don’s leadership)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it ever came out that the Don was kneecapped from within by members of his own party.


  2. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it ever came out that the Don was kneecapped from within by members of his own party.”

    I’m sure of it, and those sneaking cowards are now the Key Labour-lite faction and just driving the train a little slower than Labour but on to the same destination. Hopeless. Not a testicle or an idea amongst the whole bunch.


  3. Anyone who believes Brash was knifed by anyone other than Mr 29% English is a complete fool. How the hell did that scumbag Hager get the emails? There was a cozy deal between Key & English before the assassination. English stuck the blade in and was rewarded with a job for which he is spectacularly unsuited and demonstrably incompetent.


  4. Interesting post red.
    RNZ regularly present Hooten as a guest speaker representing “the right”.
    That’s another major institution that seeks to define how we the “sheeple” see and define our world. And they’re doing a good job of it,funded by our good selves.Turkeys paying for Christmas dinner is what we are.

    sorry a few too many animal metaphors there.


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