Breaking News- Abercrombie Admits No Obama Birth Certificate, No Proof of Birth

Mike Evans is a Hollywood reporter, and he’s a good friend of Neil Abercrombie, the Governor of Hawaii who promised to provide information that would silence critics who claim Obama is an unconstitutional President not born in the US.

Abercrombie broke this promise and failed to provide the documentation he said he would. When he last spoke to the media on the issue he delivered a mumbling and incoherent response devoid of any real meaning.

Mike Evans does a call into today to Minneapolis radio station KQRS and relates a conversation he had with Neil Abercrombie where he spoke much more openly and freely on this issue and declared quite unmistakeably that he (Abercrombie) had searched local records in the two hospitals Obama claimed at different times to be his place of birth, and found no documentation existed regarding Obama’s birth at either place.

Evans claims that Abercrombie stated to him categorically “there is no birth certificate.”

There is no documentation proving Obama was born in Hawaii.

If Abercombie is telling the truth, previous Hawaiian officials lied.

As Redbaiter and other bloggers have always claimed, the digital image of a COLB posted on the net is worthless and most likely a fake. People need to go down for this fraud. 30 year jail terms would be too light. And the first one to go down should be the smug cowardly liar Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Officer who first released the COLB.

Update- there is now a transcript over the fold.


First Speaker: I have a personal interest so I thought I’d share it with you. Former U.S. Congressman from Hawaii Neal Abercrombie has been a friend of mine for decades. In fact, when I first met Neal he was driving a cab in Honolulu. Well, Neal and I spent a lot of time together in Washington, D.C. during Obama’s inauguration. Neal told me then that he was gonna run for governor of Hawaii, that he had…, that, that he’d had enough of being a U.S. Congressman. He also told me that…stories … he had told me many times after Barack became famous, that he was in college going to the University of Hawaii, he was a friend of Barack Obama’s dad and that he remembers Barack Obama as a little kid. He used to call him “Barry.” In fact, I did a TV interview with, uh, Abercrombie at CSPAN the day after the inauguration and we had to … we had to stop twice because he referred to the President as Barry which he … after he did he said, “I can’t do that, I gotta call him Mr. President.” Well, when Neal promised me that when he became governor, he was going to cut through all the red tape, he was going to get Obama’s birth certificate once-and-for-all and end this stupid controvery, th.. that he was not born in the United States. “Yesterday talking in Neal’s office, Neal says that he searched everywhere using his power as governor at the [I didn’t understand this] Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Queen’s Hospital, the only place that kids were born in Hawaii back when Barack was born, … there is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii.

Second Speaker: Really?

First Speaker: Absolutely no proof, at all, that he was born in Hawaii.

Third Speaker: Wow!

First Speaker: Now he went out, he LOVES Obama. I mean he purposely did this to get rid of that, that question. Now, got some egg in the face. I mean now he admits publically that there is no birth certificate.

Second Speaker: Well,… there might be an addendum to that. There is the story there is a birth announcement. But it’s been explaned. His grandparents could called the newspaper and said, ‘Hey! He, we kn…, our grandchild was born. And ah… he didn’t have to be born in Hawaii for that. So its raising the issue again.”

First Speaker: Absolutely!

Second Speaker: … after it seemed to be put to bed.

First Speaker: And I asked him, I go, “Well, when do you remember when do you remember Barack? When’s your first memory?” And he goes, ‘I remember him playing, like, in the T-ball league.’ And I go, “Well, when he was, like, five or six.” And he goes, “Something like that.” And I go, “Well, what about before that?” And he goes, “Well, I don’t really remember him much before that.” which I thought was very odd.

Second Speaker: Really?

First Speaker: Anyway.

Second Speaker: I have a question for you.

First Speaker: Yeah?

Second Speaker: According to …ah, ah, … federal law, and I don’t know constitution law, but I assume it would be … ah … why is he allowed to be president of the United States then if he can’t prove he is a U.S. citizen?

First Speaker: Well that’s … that’s…

Second Speaker: Was he born here? That’s the big question. [This may not be quite right. I had trouble understanding.] That’s weird.

First Speaker: And now now Abercrombie is the first to say that he he, that Abercrombie is a Obama lover …

Second Speaker: Right

First Speaker: … that he’s concerned that … that is really going to be an issue during the election, re-election.

Second Speaker: So it has taken off as a, a big story again, huh?

First Speaker: Yes.

Second Speaker: Well, well, what’s interesting about it is that this guy attacked people who questioned that he was born in Hawaii just a few weeks ago.

First Speaker: Neal did.

Second Speaker: Yes.

First Speaker: Yeah, I mean … I’m tellin’ ya’. Neal and I are buddies and during this whole inauguration when I was in Washington for those a ten days, I spent a lot of time with Neal, and anytime anybody would come up and bring this up, you’re right, Neal was almost militant about it. “I remember him as a kid. He’s from Hawaii, born and raised …“ so, needless to say, I’m sure he was shocked more than anybody by this whole thing.

Second Speaker: Don’t you have to produce … papers that say you were

First Speaker: You’d think so. You’d have to, wouldn’t cha’?

Second Speaker: Well, there’s been a certificate of Live Birth, but that’s being questioned too, because you don’t have to … it’s not the official Birth Certificate.

First Speaker: There’d have to be one at the hospital, signed by the doctor certifying birth by a … a birth. And there isn’t that.

Second Speaker: You’re kidding me.

First Speaker: It’s like aaaa… baptism papers. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on, really.

Second Speaker: Well, Mike, how hard would it be to find out what doctors were on then.

First Speaker: Apparently he can’t find any of that … that says that they were there.


14 thoughts on “Breaking News- Abercrombie Admits No Obama Birth Certificate, No Proof of Birth

  1. Red, you’re gonna cause a riot, cross-posting this over at New Zealand’s premier right-wing blog! Great stuff – keep fighting the good fight.


  2. Those mental midgets are so intellectually crippled. I get 90% of my hits from overseas. They actually think I cross post there for the hits. I do it because its the best place to get under the skin of the NZ left.


  3. “I do it because its the best place to get under the skin of the NZ left.”

    You and I both, Red.

    [Will email you]


  4. Thank you Falafulu.

    This is a Constitutional law issue that needs to be settled.

    The Republicans are spineless cowards for not following through on it. My own view on why they will not raise the issue is that they fear the left. They know the hard left wants a civil war or an uprising, and the Repubs fear that by removing Obama as POTUSA on this issue it will be the spark that ignites the tinder and provides the left with the uprising they want.

    My own view is that the left will not rest until they get their uprising anyway, so let them bring it on. At the moment, Obama is busy trying to dilute any rebel tendencies that might exist in the US armed forces. If he succeeds, this will only make the success of the left’s rebellion more likely.

    It is to the right’s advantage that if there is going to be any uprising, it should take place before the armed forces are fully Obama-ized. So I do not see that Obama should be allowed to continue as an illegitimate President merely because of fear of the left. There is no advantage in it. The Constitution should be upheld. If the left want to start something, then the sleazy corrupt commie cowards can bring it on.


  5. BTW, you’ll see that further to this, in his State of the Union address, Obama will start talking about gun control using the Arizona shootings as cover. Most likely focusing on “military assault weapons”. Just my guess.


  6. “Those mental midgets are so intellectually crippled.”

    I can almost forgive the leftards like Phail Ure, MyNameIsShitFerBrains and PeteyG; leftism is, after all, a form of mental illness.

    The ones that get me are the ones who pretend they’re Right but are really just card-carrying socialists. Your mate the cab driver is the prime example obviously. He and Reid should join up with the new Hatfield/McCarten/Bradford party – they’d be right at home. And the KeyCanDoNoWrong cheer squad that is more prevalent at NoMinister than KiwiBlueAlertBlog as well. Adolf seems like a nice bloke but the constant cheering is just fucking annoying.


  7. Redbaiter 14:54,

    Further to this, Obama’s desire to obtain for himself an “internet kill switch” looks pretty ominous

    Indeed. It’s got to happen as the web is the ONLY thing which permits essentially the free disemination of information.
    And we all know that information/knowledge is power – for from knowledge/information comes truth, and the truth sheds light on the dark dealings of the Left.

    I really don’t think it’s a matter of “if”, but “when” the web is shut off. If the Left continues to ascend it simply WILL NOT permit its enemy to further expose its agenda and methods.


  8. No, I think Abercrombie was just a fool who bought into the mainstream media lies on this issue and was shocked when he delved into it and discovered the truth. He was just a well intentioned fool in my judgment, who completely under estimated what he was getting himself into.

    Then you’d never really know would you? The left want to start fighting in the streets, I’m pretty sure of that. As I say above, they would use this issue as an excuse to start trouble, and Abercrombie could well be part of that plan given his historical extreme left background.


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