Charges Dropped Over Airport Scanner Protests (Virginia USA)

I detest the security systems at airports. There has to be a better way, and Israel uses that better way. None of the civil rights intrusions and a 100% success rate. So why don’t other airports, especially in the USA follow suit? Probably because Janet Napolitano (Secretary of Homeland Security) and Barack Obama and most of the Democrats and Republicans are big government leftists who understand how necessary it is to warn citizens about the need to comply with whatever edict the government might issue. Criminals in terms of Constitutional law, these collectivist scum and their party acolytes love to intimidate and corral and humiliate and exercise power. Keep the citizenry in their place. Teach them who is the boss.

Aaron Toby is one American not so easily intimidated. En route to his grandfather’s funeral last December 30th he decided he would make a silent and peaceful protest about the Virginia airport security procedures.

Tobey, an architecture student at the University of Cincinnati, was waiting in line to pass through screening at Richmond International Airport when he removed his shirt to show that he had written on his chest part of the text of the Fourth Amendment (“The right of the people to be secure… against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated”), which protects the privacy of individuals by forbidding unreasonable searches and seizures.

Despite successfully passing through the screening, Aaron was arrested and handcuffed. Agencies including the FBI’s Joint Task Force on Terrorism questioned Tobey for around 90 minutes. Tobey did not resist or interfere with security officials or the screening procedures and eventually was permitted to board his flight. Nonetheless, he was charged with disorderly conduct, a Class I misdemeanor under Virginia law, which carries penalties of up to $2,500 and 12 months in jail.

In court proceedings 11/01/11, the County Commonwealth’s Attorney asked the Henrico General District Court to enter a nolle prosequi on the charge, which is a request the prosecution be discontinued thereby discharging Tobey from liability, and the court granted the request.

I consider this whole episode to be a gross and sickening abuse of power. If there was any real justice in the US today, all of those responsible for this harassment and confinement and restraint of a law abiding citizen going about his business in a perfectly legal manner should be charged themselves. For false arrest for a start. From the airport security staff to the airport management and the FBI agents. They won’t be of course, proving beyond doubt what a death grip the leftist fascists have on the US today. This has to stop, but it won’t stop until the socialists have been removed from power, for this is the stuff they thrive on. The Democrats have to be destroyed (for what they are today) and the Republicans rebuilt. Constitutional government must be restored.


One thought on “Charges Dropped Over Airport Scanner Protests (Virginia USA)

  1. This was all bought in by the Repubs. And definitely the public perception.

    Should be the best example and reason for the public to turn against the Repub/Demo coalition.

    Third party representation is needed in every democratic nation in the world now to challenge the mainstream.

    But, my main insight of intrigue is the fascinating emergence of the black wing of the GOP. It has been a growing phenomenon of a healthy growing black middle class and I strongly suspect a target of the recession. I do not feel the GOP is happy with their black support at all. I’m sure they do not mind a token black to pat on the head and treat like a lap dog but black numbers filling the GOP ranks does not settle with enthusiasm. The GOP more than likely feels infiltrated and intimidated. But the outstanding reality is the graphic silence permeating around this paradigm. There is simply no discussion, debate or analysis of this new political trending. Even in the black community. The NAACP do not want to discuss their shrinking numbers since the emergemce of content ambitious educated professional members of their community. But neither are journolists, political or otherwise, approaching intellectual blacks for their considered thought. And those same intellectuals have no direct statements on the departure of blacks from their socialist roots.

    The term role model instantly comes to mind. You cannot argue success. Therefore silence from the liberal ranks. But complete silence across the board?

    Even the Real News Network has not delved the issue and they delve everything.

    The black success,politically, socially, intellectually, professionally that has made a blip on the GOP radar has been ignored and that has to be felt by the absolute lack of direct black commentary within the GOP circles. It seems these commentators have been obscured by Black media and black Demo’s such as Donna Brazil. The void has gone undetected. Gross ignorance of the highest calibre.


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