Tea Partiers Putting UK Tories To Shame

I don’t pay too much attention to what is happening politically in Europe and the UK because I consider the battle there was lost decades ago. Thanks to the right’s utter failure to defend against the left, we now have a large sector of the population almost completely ignorant of concepts relating to freedom and liberty. Half educated, ignorant of history, uncivil and vulgar they are ripe for easy exploitation by their socialist masters. The same situation exists in New Zealand.

America has been spared sinking to similar depths by means of its Constitution, which still allows some sectors of the population to resist the dead hand of socialism. This resistance has of late, due to the fraudulent election of Barack Obama, become more urgent and manifested itself by means of a revival of the Boston Tea Party. The Republican Party is now heavily under the influence of Tea Partiers, and is working to roll back legislation passed by Obama.

The citizens of the United Kingdom threw out Tony Blair’s extreme left government and replaced it with the far left Conservative party. Hoping for at least some relief. It has not come. While the Tea Partiers have brought change to the Republicans, and thereby to the government, the UK is still stalled deep in the thrall of socialism.

Alex Singleton writes in the UK Telegraph-

“To be born an Englishman,” Cecil Rhodes once claimed, “is to win first prize in the lottery of life.” These days, Mark Steyn says (in his recent brilliant article entitled Dependence Day) the prize goes to Americans, and whenever I think of Westminster, I can’t help thinking he might be on to something.

The UK and NZ both need a Tea Party for the same reason America needed it. The socialists dominate the political scene and those parties that should oppose that evil ideology are as deeply enthralled by it as the parties whose principles allow them to promote it. Electing the Tories in the UK and the Nationals in NZ has achieved nothing. Its time to abandon these stinking rotting hulks of parties that used to be, and seek democracy elsewhere.

Alex Singleton article.

13 thoughts on “Tea Partiers Putting UK Tories To Shame

  1. I consider the battle there was lost decades ago.

    NZ is fucked in that regard too. Anyone who puts their head above the parapet and attempts to roll back the damage done by progressivism gets immediately discredited or worse. . kneecapped.

    Wishart. McVicar. Brash. Garrett.

    Also, too many so-called right wingers in NZ naively buy into left-wing shibboleths, foolishly believing they are advocating for freedom. (Like all of this “equality” bullshit)


  2. I have a different perspective, Red.

    Europe has far more a chance, because of the weight of history there. Don’t give up on them. Britain is lost and has been lost since the 1600s (and by extension, NZ), unless she turns around. Which is possible – the most spectacular near losses in the past have a supernatural quality to them in the unlikeliness of the outcome.

    NZ is sinking into primitive paganism. The history of civilisation is very brief here, and could easily be destroyed. The annual pilgrimage of our politicians to Ratana shows how much this paganism has a hold of the national consciousness.

    We don’t have enough of a spiritual backbone for a Tea Party. Not yet, anyway.


  3. ” We don’t have enough of a spiritual backbone for a Tea Party. ”

    Very concise sentence Lucia, and spot on. Don’t ever forget that spiritual backbone has been deliberately removed by the left and their assault upon our children through the nihilism of the “education” process and the popular entertainment medium.

    I am aware there are some people who get it in Europe but they seem vastly out numbered. Have you ever seen that movie “Snapper”? Horribly truthful.


  4. Thanks!

    No, I haven’t. I’ve been trying to put in links to the two movies I found with a similar name, The Snapper and Snappers, but it doesn’t seem to be working. So, hopefully this comment will post.


  5. Sorry Lucia, I see them caught in the spam filter.

    Here is a plot synopsis from Wiki. But its not really what I mean. Its just a window on these people’s lives and shows how impossible it would be to talk to them about any political concept that did not include some kind of government assistance. There is no way they could even begin to think about anything upon a higher plain than their miserable day to day existence.

    They are vulgar crude rude and disgusting. Totally uncivilized. Just the kind of loser the left depend upon for support. No concept whatsoever of history. Just thugs. The same kind of thugs that are bred all over the world by left wing political policies.

    Young Sharon Curley becomes pregnant, but refuses to tell anyone who the father is. She decides to keep the baby (“snapper”) and her family, each in their own way, eventually decides to support her. Her father particularly studies up on childbirth and female anatomy (with gratifying results for his wife as a bonus).

    It turns out that Sharon’s friend’s father, Georgie Burgess, got her pregnant by taking advantage of her while she was drunk. Sharon’s story is that it was a Spanish sailor, but the whole town suspects the truth.



  6. “shows how impossible it would be to talk to them about any political concept that did not include some kind of government assistance. ”

    Sounds like a conversation with most New Zealanders, thanks to decades of leftist conditioning. That’s why dismantling the creeping communism of Welfare for Families will be the death-knell for any party promoting it.

    Gotta keep the porkers fat & happy.


  7. The thing that makes it so infuriating GG is that it is a leftist strategy. Let me say that again. It is a strategy. So if you oppose a certain objective what do you do. You develop a counter strategy. What have the Nationals and the Republicans (for example) done? Nothing, or worse, they have embraced the strategies that ARE DESIGNED TO DEFEAT THEM..!!!!!!

    Thye have completely failed to develop any counter strategy. They sit in parliament spouting leftist crap and introducing leftist legislation and DOING EVERYTHING THE LEFT WANT THEM TO DO. And if anyone comes along who suggest a different course of action, they ostracise them or eventually expel them.

    They sit like limp wristed one cell amoebas letting states like New York and Kalifornia fall by means of these strategies. You can see NZ and Australia falling by the same strategies. You can see the UK and Europe defeated by the same strategies. So do the right learn from this?????

    They do not. (at least not the present bunch of slavering leftist cowards who pose as the right). Worse, due to their cowardice and lame arsed compulsion to prostrate themselves to the media and other leftist forces, they willingly assist. They grease the wheels on their own execution cart.

    There has to be counter strategies developed and as part of that, the gutless losers in the National Party and the Republicans and the UK Conservatives need to (when they have the power) completely roll back most of the legislation the left have introduced over the last 50 years (to begin with).

    And they start with that legislation that enables the left most. And after they have done that, they work on legislation to ensure that never again does this dangerous and fatal disease ever get another foot hold in our society.

    They’re so USELESS. I despise them for their spinelessness. Right now I am seething over this plan for bipartisan seating during Obama’s speech.

    I wrote about that the other day. You have probably read it.



  8. Red,

    Looks like a terrible movie!

    Leftism is a mind virus. I came across that description of it by a Pole (from Poland). The only way to get rid of it is divine intervention, in my opinion. This is because it attaches itself to truth, and warps it, so it becomes difficult for a person to recognise the falsehood and throw it off. Just like a virus.


  9. “Looks like a terrible movie!”

    It was Lucia. I don’t know whether it was designed that way or that’s the way it came out but it was too depressing in its portrayal of such a degenerate civilisation.

    And you see that same degeneration most places the left hold power. I just watched a video of two gangs of black women beating and kicking a cashier in a McDonalds restaurant. This woman is working to pay the dole of this filth and they have so little respect for her they kick her and beat her so she ends up in hospital. These are the Obama voters and they only have one ambition and that is to indulge the sick narcissitic tendencies they have been endowed with in America’s failed and leftist controlled education system.

    And the worst part of it all is that it is all planned.


  10. Warning : Rant follows!

    I did see that post Red, and was going to comment on it at the time. This “reach across the aisle” crap is one of the things that really pisses me off. There can be, must be, no hint of the right collaborating with the left. They are (or at least should be) ideologically opposed, and must be seen in those terms. Any sign of appeasement of the left by the right will be taken as a signal of defeat. The only time I want to see Allen West alongside Harry Reid is when West pulls the release on the trap-door to send Reid off into eternity. How’s *THAT* for some hate-speech!

    The comments today at New Zealand’s premier right-wing blog over Key’s announcement to not actually *do* anything prove the field has been all-but abandoned. Key announces that he’s asked Treasury to look into the possibility of maybe, if nobody would mind too much, allowing private investment in 4 of the government’s commercial enterprises, and the cheer-squad immediately comes out in force. Key’s “right wing credentials” are intact (or for some, restored). Nobody is asking why the fuck the government has its hands in commercial enterprises in the first place. Energy production is one prime example of the adage that any government involvement in the commercial arena produces skewed and fuckwitted results. Thanks Max Bradford for fucking New Zealand’s energy sector and ensuring power bills for Kiwis are 100-200% higher than they should be.

    If Key had balls (yeah, right) he would be announcing the government is immediately, but over time, pulling out of the commercial arena. That it will cease to skew the electricity sector by selling off both its retail and generation arms. That it will be selling its majority stake in Air New Zealand and all other businesses that should be allowed to succeed or fail on their own. It will use the proceeds to pay off government debt, and introduce legislation to prevent the government from ever again buying into (and thus impeding) commercial business.

    But of course, that will never happen because any party that announced those policies would immediately be stampeded to death by the sheeple rushing to vote for the party that is promising them an extra $1 per week in government handouts.

    Rant ends.


  11. “But of course, that will never happen because any party that announced those policies would immediately be stampeded to death by the sheeple rushing to vote for the party that is promising them an extra $1 per week in government handouts.”

    If this is indeed the only outcome, the only option that decades of leftist domination has brought us to, then National should stand against it, and if we lose so be it, for it is only when these dumbarsed leftist losers bred as electoral fodder vote themselves into destitution that their attitudes will change.


    and its a big OR

    We get an orator with ideas who can speak and believe and communicate to those people the error of their thinking. It can be done. It will not be done by weak kneed losers like Key and Hooten and English. Somebody somewhere has to come along with vision, the ability to articulate that vision, and the ability to convince people of its correctness.

    Its not John Key. As I said before, we needed Winston Churchill, and we got a vain and posturing schoolboy with only his own infantile obsession with being PM on show and the intellectual and political depth of a saucer of cat’s piss.

    But those are our only two available options. An orator who can draw NZ from the jaws of leftist destruction, or as you suggest GG, that very destruction.


  12. Couldn’t agree more ,Red,about that most pathetic tokenist gesture of sitting together,why don’t they sit on each other? Ridiculous. It really says alot about how silly politicians have become. It’s playschool stuff!


  13. “It’s playschool stuff!” Agreed Kowtow. I wonder if they’ll have to sit cross-legged with their hands in their laps while they listen to the Great Man tell them their bedtime story. Any Republican who buys into this horseshit is one who deserves a “surveyor’s mark” over their district when the Tea Party is drawing up its strategy for the next house election.


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