Update- At UN, Helen Clark Fails To Disclose “Gifts” Received

UNDP Watch reports- The leader of UNDP and former Socialist Prime Minister of New Zealand has failed to disclose “gifts” that were given to her while traveling on business as UNDP Administrator. Staffers close to 21st floor say that the value of those gifts vary from few hundred dollars to maybe a thousand each.

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Full story.

Hat tip Fairfacts Media Show.

3 thoughts on “Update- At UN, Helen Clark Fails To Disclose “Gifts” Received

  1. Good to see the folks at Fox are chasing her hairy arse, fancy the UNDP may be involved in skimming the funds meant for the underprivileged, who would have figured ( sarcasm ).
    Just imagine one of her political foes had been accused of receiving gifts and failed to disclose, the old hag would be squealing like a stuck pig. God these socialist tossers are the pits.


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