Australian Flood Victims With Very Different Attitudes

..on the riverfront, Jan Carroll watched and worried as the Brisbane River inched up through her garden and basement a fortnight ago, but she considers herself lucky that its waters did not enter her home of 17 years. “We thought we were safe, but you’re never quite sure,” she said. Her electricity was cut for more than two days, making her household eligible for the disaster recovery payment of $1000 and exempt from the levy. But Mrs Carroll said she had not even considered applying for the payment..

On riverside Oxlade Drive, [..] Gabriel Edwards had water through her yard and lost power for more than 48 hours, the trigger point for a federal disaster recovery payment of $1000 per person and $400 per child. But the part-time business owner and mother of one said she would not apply for a payment – even though it would exempt her from paying the flood levy. “We haven’t (applied) because we don’t need it,” she said.

Further down Oxlade Drive, student Waylon Palmer, 26, collected the $1000 disaster payment after his power went out for four days, following a nervous time waiting to find out if his rental home would be flooded. He agrees with a levy to get the disaster areas back to business as quickly as possible. “It all helps to get people back on to their feet – it really was a disaster.” Palmer, as a recipient of the $1000 payment will be exempt payment of the flood levy.