Obama Confuses Afghanistan With Iraq in Youtube Interview

Remember the furore when Sarah Palin inadvertently said Nth Korea when she meant to say South Korea? The mainstream media was awash with the news for days. “Ooooh ooooh there’s all the proof you need that Palin is STUPID..!!!” the usual suspects gloated.

Here’s something you probably haven’t heard of, although CNN gave it a passing mention. A day ago, Obama mixed up Iraq and Afghanistan when responding in a YouTube interview to questions challenging the wars in those countries. He twice referred to Afghanistan when clearly talking about the situation in Iraq. He said that the United States would withdraw all combat troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2011 and that combat operations there had ended, which actually describes the situation and policy for Iraq.

Unlike Palin, who immediately realised her error and corrected it, Obama did not seem to notice and went on talking about other matters. But we all know Obama ain’t stupid right? How can he be? He’s a socialist with all his university and school records sealed. He would just have to be a genius who just made a bit of a slip of the tongue, wouldn’t you say?

Seen it all over the press and electronic media like Palin’s slip was? Don’t these people nauseate you with their arrogant hypocrisy and rank propaganda?

3 thoughts on “Obama Confuses Afghanistan With Iraq in Youtube Interview

  1. Yep and if it was George Bush this would be front page news.The MSM needed every piece of evidence to prove their hard pushed case. But when it comes to the annointed one…….silence.


  2. El Baradei or some other patsy may be the next Pres there ,but not for long ,before some robed bearded one sticks him and any others ‘tainted “by the evil west up against a wall.
    Same thing happened in Iran before the mad mullahs took over.This whole thing could get very ugly indeed.


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