Repellent Hate Mongering By Kiwiblog “Liberals”

David Farrar set the ball rolling with a post entitled simply “Repugnant”. A lynch mob of hate mongering pseudo liberals followed on in the comments with a disgusting display of prejudice, bigotry, and knee jerk culturally Marxist reaction that so typifies the dangerous state of brainwashing that can arise in a country unwittingly manipulated by dark political forces.

The foaming and the frothing and the screaming and the beating of breasts as these ignorant uncivilised idiots sacrificed any remaining vestige of original thought to their god of political correctness was to me a lot more repugnant than the original story. My attempt to warn them to at least wait on an objective report rather than react so violently on the strength of an article in the notoriously unreliable liberal media was met with complete misunderstanding. These morons were so blinded by their hate for something they perceived as being outside the boundaries of approved behaviour, they were like baying wolves, and I was quickly labeled a racist myself.

Then of course that odious Marxist establishment the Human Rights Commission saw an opportunity to further the idea that it is a necessary part of our society and joined in the condemnation. The HRC is not necessary. It is a disgusting blight upon our civilisation and if the National Party ever develop the spine and initiative to do what is crying out to be done in this country, then this establishment, where the word “repugnant” can be honestly applied, should be shut down.

Later David Farrar made another post that seemed to back off slightly on allegations of racism, but was still perhaps unwittingly encouraging to the hatemongers who had shown up in the comments section of the previous post, “Kiwi Response Does Us Proud”. They all flocked back again. These lame unintelligent knuckle draggers reminded me of the those German soldiers I had always puzzled over when I saw photos of them herding Jews onto cattle trucks. How could they treat people in such a dehumanized way? When one sees how mass hate can be manufactured by government pressure upon society, as demonstrated in the comments on Kiwiblog, the savage and barbaric behaviour of the soldiers herding people with bayonets is quite easy to understand.

Here are just a few of the disgusting judgments that were levied against this woman (and myself) in the kangaroo court of Kiwiblog-

So is Sherril George holding her self up as a fine example of the master race?

what a repugnant scumbag racist you are….eh..?

what more do you need…? klu klux klan membership card…?

this lady wins Dimes scumbag of the day award.

you are a NeoNazi or something

I am happy to call her racist, she is condemned by her own words. [she wasn’t] u link us to yr post.. “why i hate asians”…

..the real issue here .…is just how much of a racist red is…

Hey, at the end of the day, you are some loser cunt abused by his family and friends from a young age.

What the fuck did your family ever do to raise such a cowardly cunt?

How about you go fuck yourself instead?

F*ck you
f*ck you Very very much
Cos we hate What you do
And we hate Your whole crew

fuck..!..racists make my skin scrawl… …i just want to spit on the bastards/bitches…

In my attempts to defend against this overwhelming hate, I was given demerits on two occasions. None of the comments above attracted any disapproval from David Farrar. As a footnote to this disgusting dog whistling hate, remarkable knowing Mr. Farrar’s origins, the lady in question is on Stuff today denying any racism. I always maintain that there are two sides to every story, and one must always listen to both sides before coming to any firm decision. There is no hard evidence for the woman being a racist, and David Farrar needs to do the decent thing and run a post apologising for the reprehensible rush to judgment and the overload of hate that was vented on his blog.

The whole event was a most appalling and disgusting thing to witness.

Sherril George in her own words.

13 thoughts on “Repellent Hate Mongering By Kiwiblog “Liberals”

  1. Farrar’s blog needs to stand, as a monument to all that’s wrong with NZ. It isn’t an example of free speech, rather an example of tolerance for the unspeakable filth that lies just below the surface of every committed leftoid.
    It’s no great stretch to say that incipient Nazism lurks just below the surface in NZ and extreme economic stress will see it bubble to the surface.


  2. I read the article on the DomPost yesterday, and the overwhelming impression I got from it was that Sherill George couldn’t handle the thought of new competition entering her market place, and that she thought big business interests were somehow bankrolling new enterprises to ensure they drove others out of business before creating their monopoly on take away meals in the small town.

    That was obviously too complex an idea to generate a debate about, so the left and the progressives went with “racist” and ironically probably started abusing one of their own. If only one of them would stand up and declare that we have to take the vitriol out of political discourse….but they were too busy putting the vitriol back into political discourse.


  3. Yes, Sherril seemed to have a bit of difficulty in getting her message across and even be a little unsure of what exactly her problem was but there was no reason to rush to judgment of her as a racist.

    The smugness of Mr. Farrar’s allegations are what annoyed me. “Here I am a sophisticated Wellington dwelling urban liberal, and here’s this dumb hick from the sticks with her ignorant racist ideas.”

    Even the perception that it is quite OK for any perceived transgression of their race code to give rise to such hatred and contempt from Progressives is surely open to debate, leaving aside whether she was actually guilty or not. To my mind it verges upon insanity.

    One would think such a vicious willingness to condemn this woman without any real proof would dissuade others from complaining about Asians even if there is some point to be made. Just a pack of cowardly hyenas.


  4. “Lennon, who routinely wears a bulletproof vest, said the warning followed a text message threatening to kill his children.”

    Am I likely to get such a threat for making a historical comment about Mohammad being fucking paedophile?


  5. Agreed Red.

    There are definite keywords that trigger Pavlovian responses and any reasonable discussion goes out of the window. Some of those keywords are:

    Right Wing
    Exclusive Brethren
    Michael Jackson
    The Pope
    Sarah Palin


  6. …and of course Christian Conservative.

    Have just watched a great video on the left’s hatred of Sarah Palin. Am going to post it later. In it you can identify every one of the brainless propaganda sponges who flit about the NZ blogosphere constantly deriding (with the most disgusting and cowardly comments) a good woman and mother of five children.


  7. I think Zen Tiger at 20.11 has it right. Given past familiarity with Ms George I continue (possibly unfairly) to suspect innate racism in her ranting. At the end of the day, is the commercial hub of Waitara really worthy of a scrap?


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