General Debate 08/02/11

Holmes- Clueless liberal bozo still as boring as ever-

The feeble progressive Paul Holmes writing about Egypt in the Herald on Sunday-

But this time, as Australian writer David Ignatius said, they are not shouting “Death to America” or “Death to Israel”. This time they’re calling for reform, for prosperity, for a relief from grinding poverty, from corruption, calling for jobs. And they’re calling for freedom. And they’re doing it themselves. Perhaps George W was right, that people want freedom. David Ignatius observes something else I hadn’t noticed. The radical Islamists are nowhere to be seen. The jihad boys are silent. This time it’s the normal people, not the uptight demented fascist extremists. Whether they’ll be the beneficiaries of any reforms we’ll have to wait and see.

The Herald actually pay this lightweight bozo for this kind of second rate unoriginal crap? A journalist writing about what another journalist said. And its fantasy both times? Good grief! Is this bumbling disgrace to the craft of journalism ever going to be put out to pasture? If the Herald editor thinks people will buy his paper to read this kindergarten rubbish he should find a job in another industry. FOX is raking in money for Rupert Murdoch. The New York Times is going broke. What model would any reasonably astute manager follow? Holmes has never been worth more than a pinch of goat excrement and in this day and age his ceaseless and atrocious liberal whining is worth even less. Full article. Don’t go there. Its nauseating.

Drunken degenerate products of socialist/ feminist New Zealand

Severely drunk women shock police

Police are calling time on the female drinking culture after most fans needing medical attention at the NZI Sevens turned out to be young women. Many were so severely intoxicated they were unable to look after themselves, police said. [..] Sevens operation commander Senior Sergeant Simon Feltham said police were extremely concerned at the drinking behaviour of young women. “Almost all of the fans in the Chill Out Zones yesterday [Saturday]needing medical attention were young women, between 18 and 25 years of age. “Most were so intoxicated they could not even attempt to look after themselves.”

Despite the number of times police and other agencies had warned of the dangers of binge- drinking in the lead-up to the sevens, people – particularly young women – still got themselves into a state in which they were incapable of looking after themselves, he said. “This attitude to drinking is of huge concern to us and more work is needed to reduce alcohol-related harm at future sevens events.”

Alcohol Advisory Council chief executive Gerard Vaughan said the drinking culture of young women was becoming increasingly troubling. “It’s not just happening at events like the sevens. Here in Wellington we have had reports from the hospital emergency department of the increasing numbers of young women turning up severely intoxicated on Friday and Saturday nights.”

That’s right. Morons in a drunken stupor with no damn concern for anybody but themselves cluttering hospital Emergency Departments and abusing nursing staff and doctors. So what’s the answer folks? You guessed it. Bigger government.

“We need targeted messages to groups at risk, such as young women, warning of the consequences of this pattern of drinking.” New Zealand’s culture of drinking to intoxication must change, which would require increasing the price of really cheap alcohol, changing the laws to restrict availability, increasing enforcement, and making sure those selling alcohol did not serve to intoxicated people, he said.

Nope. What we need are individuals who take responsibility for their own behavior. And we could start reminding them of that by charging them for attendance at hospitals and other treatment no doubt presently delivered at taxpayer cost. Its futile though when we have a whole education system and social system encouraging irresponsibility and uncouth behaviour in young women. A completely degenerate society raising its daughters to be such vulgar narcissistic thugs, and even worse, they’re mostly proud of these outcomes or at the least uncaring. Brainwashed bimbos the lot of them.

The solution is the opposite to that recommended above. We need smaller government and a restoration of civility- families that naturally pass on a basic moral code and standards of behaviour to their young. As was done in the times before the state assumed the role of parenting.


15 thoughts on “General Debate 08/02/11

  1. Whatever happened to drunk tanks? A night spent in their own and others piss and vomit would soon wake their ideas up.


  2. Whatever happened to the offence of drunk in a public place? That was dropped.Very useful police tool not to mention a consequence for stupid behaviour.

    On drunk women,what’s the problem? The left called for equality,and here it is,in all it’s splendour.


  3. “..cluttering hospital Emergency Departments and abusing nursing staff and doctors. ”
    Not only that, but those who injure themselves while pissed are covered by ACC!


  4. As for Holmes….we got back to NZ after many years away and people were talking about this TV host like he was something really special, so we tuned in one evening.
    And sat there open-mouthed at the worst display of smug, egotistical vacuity it’s been my misfortune to witness. That this man can still make a living is an indictment of the public’s taste.


  5. Well anyone in the West who isn’t worried about Egypt just hasn’t been paying attention…

    Further to your point, not only should people who are drunk when injured be sent a hospital bill and not have ACC cover – with an ER breath test, the Police should charge for their time when those who offend while intoxicated are convicted…

    Making people pay for their actions is the only, ONLY way to make people take responsibility for their actions morally… Becoming a tee totaler has been the best decision of my life…


  6. I’m very far from being a teetoller Jeremy, but it’s no great trick to drink in moderation. And should something happen as a result of having a few drinks I certainly wouldn’t expect someone else to pick up the tab.
    The problem is, kids have been taught that the state is a surrogate parent and they expect the state to look after them.
    People aren’t “growing up too fast” (something I often hear)–they’re held in a state of permanent adolescence.


  7. “And sat there open-mouthed at the worst display of smug, egotistical vacuity it’s been my misfortune to witness. That this man can still make a living is an indictment of the public’s taste.”

    Yeah well this is something that puzzles me. When he went to some other station, he failed miserably. Nobody switched over to watch him. So he is not the drawcard he is made out to be. I think he is just a no talent who has networked his way through the industry. Made friends in the right places. He has no real ability, but this biggest problem is his utterly irritating liberal persona. Its probable that without his art in networking himself, he would be a deserved nobody.


  8. I’ve never ever been able to stand Gnolmes.

    The last thing I read by Gnolmes was a puff piece he wrote when Obamacare was passed. It was some of the most ill-informed, sickening, feel-good nonsense I’ve ever witnessed . . . and, as for his snivelling around Helen Klark and her “husband” a few years ago, some things are better left unsaid !


  9. Holmes.
    After his term on ‘One’ he thought he was pretty important. These media people think they know everything.
    Some said he should stand for Mayor of the Super City.
    Time he retired.


  10. The inaugural Holmes show. An interview with Dennis Connor

    It still makes me cringe with embarrassment as if it were yesterday. . . and it heralded the arrival of junk TV in New Zealand.


  11. Drunken degenerate products of socialist/ feminist New Zealand

    Police are calling time on the female drinking culture after most fans needing medical attention at the NZI Sevens turned out to be young women.

    Yep, yet another example of the failed socialist experiment where women have been conditioned to go against pretty much everything outlined and defined by their Creator. Women no longer submit to masculine authority structures, and where families may still be headed by husband and wife it is usually the woman who wears the pants, and the husband is often some soft metrosexual facsimile of genuine manhood.

    As a natural result of being ‘raised’ in such an environment we see a duplication of soft limp-wristed ‘males’ (with a higher percentage turning to the sodomite lifestyle than was the case in previous generations), or going to the other extreme of violence and gang type associations (ever seeking a male role model). And in the case of girls/women we see a duplication of their mothers: brash, loud, coarse, unsubmissive, despisers of genuine men, lacking in any self control, and having no respect for either themselves or others. We also see a higher incidence of lesbianism than in times past.

    And it’s even worse in single parent families headed by feminist/Leftist mothers.

    I’ve heard it said that within a well functioning family consisting of two parents, mothers provide the nurturing and more immediate raising of the children, whereas fathers are the providers and in BOTH the sons and daughters he detrmines what it is to be either a genuine male or genuine female. When the father is not present, or is not fulfilling the true male role, BOTH sons and daughters have confused sexual identities.

    The socialist/Leftist/feminist agenda doesn’t work; we need to get back to God-given principles and apply them without compromise within families. The family unit is, afterall, the foundational building block of any successful and healthy society; if the family unit “fails” then so does the rest of society. The evidence that families/society is failing is all around us!


  12. And it doesn’t help when we have elected representatives steering the ship who are just as depraved.

    Sado-masochistic sexual torture has, surprisingly, taken off in recent years as society’s tolerance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender sex has grown. In fact, if you search the websites you will find it is common for sado-masochists to actively advertise online for group sex with gay men and transsexuals. The BDSM community calls itself “GLBT friendly”. If there is an intersection between heterosexuals and the queer community, BDSM is it. Gay Labour MPs Tim Barnett and Chris Carter sometimes attend BDSM functions in Christchurch and Auckland respectively, but until Investigate received a tip off earlier this year no-one knew that Benson-Pope was even more involved than either of his gay colleagues.


  13. The Holmes TVNZ push to change the flag epitomised the elitist approach to the world that our modern shallow politicians , businessmen and “celebrities” display.

    It’s all pretence about democracy and the people but then they get together in a cabal over a dinner somewhere and decide what’s good for us plebs.

    Remember Shipley and Roberts? Arrogant out of touch over rated nobodies.
    We really are idiots thinking these people have the answers.


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