Gillard- Just Another Shameless Untrustworthy Liar Who Presumes To Govern

At first I entitled this post “just another lying left wing politician”. Then I realised the left wing part was pretty superfluous. I mean who the hell is right wing- meaning focused on Conservative principles? Very few. Damn sure isn’t the National Party, who will no doubt, Nick Smith especially, be all over this scheming lying cheating disgrace fake human being when she visits next week.

So will the media, another bunch of liars and deceivers who haven’t done a real job for a few decades. Even Fran O’Sullivan is to be observed writing glowing paragraphs on this charlatan instead of high lighting what Gillard really is. A disgraceful deceitful liar. Here is what Gillard said August 17th last year-

Julia Gillard has said there will be no tax on carbon while she leads the federal government. The Deputy Prime Minister, Wayne Swan, said last week that if Labor won the election there would be no carbon tax during its three-year term. Ms Gillard seemed to go a step further yesterday. ”There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead,” she told Network Ten.


Now, the election is over.

Julia Gillard plans to introduce a carbon price from July 1 next year (2012)


That’s it you see. There is just so little resistance to such habitual outrageous lying from our politicians that Gillard feels no shame in completely turning on its head the promise she made so categorically before the election. They do it because we let them, and they do it because the media are just as gutless and amoral as Gillard and they don’t care either.

There is nobody who cares and who will change things but us. The National and Labour parties will fawn over this liar. The media will fawn over her. Not one of them will even care about trying to make her ashamed. She will be feted wherever she goes and she’s nothing but a cheap scheming duplicitous power seeking amoral liar.

It has never been clearer that we are on our own, and we must do all we can to object to this cronyist power bloc that protects corrupt politicians, and tear it down. Don’t buy their papers. Don’t advertise on their TV stations, and don’t vote for status quo politicians. Object strenuously whenever there is opportunity. It will only ever be turned about by our efforts, and we have to start by collectively ceasing to provide respect and credibility to cynical pathological liars like Julia Gillard and just as importantly, those amoral people who support her.

4 thoughts on “Gillard- Just Another Shameless Untrustworthy Liar Who Presumes To Govern

  1. Our governments should just give up on trying to legitimise the tax on ‘carbon to save our planet’ and just call it for what it is – a poll tax collected for the UN.


  2. There is just so little resistance to such habitual outrageous lying from our politicians that Gillard feels no shame”…shame ?..implies conscience …surely you jest.

    …but…and the bug bear,

    a gullible public !.


  3. The only 2 journalists here who dare to question the woodpecker with the fanta pants are Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair. They are a 2-man FOX network and their work is incredibly valuable to balance the sycophancy from other media sources (including/especially the “balanced” ABC).

    New Zealand is the poorer for not having even 1 like Bolt or Blair in the MSM.


  4. I see the Greens have blocked her speaking – good…

    The old Watermelons, even they occasionally do the right thing – if not almost always for the wrong reasons…


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