Police Overwhelmed By Burglaries

Stuff reports-

In the 2009/2010 fiscal year, there were 7138 recorded cases of burglaries in Canterbury, which equates to 595 a month. Canterbury district intelligence manager Inspector Doug Parker estimated about 220 to 280 burglaries a month were referred to the police Information Reporting Centre (IRC) where the complaint was dealt with over the phone. A forensics officer would later attend the scene of the crime, he said. Only a certain amount were immediately attended by police patrol cars, Parker said.

My primary concern on this relates to the sheer number of offences. Twenty burglaries a day is a rate that should not be tolerated. This problem could so easily be solved by Judges and Magistrates recognising that there is an epidemic of burglaries and jailing anyone convicted for a few years. With no parole. Keep doing this until the number of burglaries dwindle to a manageable level. Eventually, most burglars will be off the streets and problem solved.

Meanwhile, while they can’t stop burglaries, or apprehend the culprits, they’re busy as hell elsewhere. They cannot defend private property, but the Police are flat out enforcing laws that relate to social behaviour. In a recent operation-

– 2721 intervention resource packs handed out challenging people’s drinking behaviour and offering 0800 help lines to call
– 2629 people breath tested by mobile patrols
– 37,504 motorists stopped and breath tested at checkpoints
– 263 screened positive for the breath test (less than 1% of the drivers tested)
– 53 blood samples administered that could result in court action
– 212 miscellaneous offences detected at checkpoints
– 623 hotel compliance checks made
– 48 breaches of the Sale of Liquor Act. These will result in applications to the Liquor Licensing Authority for suspension, cancellation or a variation of licence and hours.
– 49 Breach of Liquor Ban arrests made
– 216 people warned for breaching liquor bans
– six $200 instant fine liquor infringement notices issued
– 15 minors warned regarding under-aged drinking
– 262 controlled purchase operations run:195 at off-licence premises and 67 at on-licence premises. Nineteen outlets caught in breach and will face further action (less than 10% of premises checked).

So where property laws are being broken at a high rate, the cops couldn’t give a damn. There too busy enforcing arbitrary regulations aimed at government mandated behaviour modification. They are focused on trying to stem the overwhelming flow of human sewage, the social breakdown that inevitably comes from a few decades of socialist/ collectivist government where people are stripped of their morality and individual responsibility. Political outcomes that increased policing will never fix.

There are three things that need to occur here. One is NZers need to reject socialism and return to their Judeo-Christian roots and promote the family and moral values that discourage the drug/ alcohol based offending the cops are wasting their time trying to deal with. The second is that the Police Minister needs to be sacked along with all of the Police upper level management, and a new management regime installed that has an improved understanding of what the Police Force’s real role in society is.

The third thing is that Judges and Magistrates need to be reminded that their primary role is to keep law abiding citizens safe from crime. With 20 burglaries a day in Canterbury, they’re clearly failing miserably in that objective. Source.

This sign is another alternative. The one I personally prefer.Story here.

9 thoughts on “Police Overwhelmed By Burglaries

  1. Heres a brain fart. When the coppers actually catch some of these culprits and present them before a *cough* Judge , why doesnt the *cough* Judge lock the fuckers up for say…I dunno…20 years? Bingo..rapid decrease in burlaries. Build more prisons…lock ’em up..get’em outa society.


  2. Fucking A, redbaiter, good post.

    You can be pulled over in the middle of nowhere doing 112km/h on a long straight, but if you want the police to respond to a burglary inside a couple of days (if at all) then you can count yourself lucky.

    And does anyone else notice the almost Orwellian amount of television, newspaper etc advertising on problem drinking? Why can’t all these millions from social engineering go towards real social problems like massive rates of petty crime.


  3. I’d love for them to seperate the Police into the NZ Police and a (much smaller) MoT again or preferably privatise the roads…


  4. “preferably privatise the roads…”

    Fuck me, our government spends hundreds of million dollars a year on ministries of maori/PI/Women’s affairs and you are wanting to start by privatising roads?

    IMO there should be no toll roads or anything similar. Roads are one of the few core services a government should be providing.


  5. Roads are run very inefficiently in this country, they can be run by simple toll systems operated by private companies or as co-ops, collectives, etc. provide provision of transport has a long history in free enterprise systems, government runs them as poorly as they run anything else – they are not a core government responsibility…

    You might as well say the government should run all the farms…


  6. Oh, and I didn’t say start with privatising the roads… Each department and asset should be analysed on it’s own merits…


  7. I guess so, but if they focused more on core services and cut spending on rubbish back drastically they might improve.

    BTW Jeremy I would tread carefully, I don’t think red will take to kindly to libertarians on his site 🙂 haha just kidding


  8. nickb @1827

    Too bloody right .TVNZ pushing don’t drink in February.
    All manner of people calling alcohol a “drug” and blaming just about every social ill on it.
    I believe there are elements in the health and “harm minimisation “industry who would ban it tomorrow if they could.
    God rot them.
    I love the idea that Jesus Christs’ first miracle was turning water into wine at the wedding feast of Canna.! Alcohol is fundamental to Christianity so hands off my religion ,culture and heritage!:)

    Interesting historical footnote. Canna is in modern Lebanon and occupied by Hezbollah. I suspect there sadly wouldn’t be too much alcohol there now!


  9. @Nickb, not a libertarian… Lent that way in the past but being open to all the merit of all arguments and analysing them on worth leads one to the conservative viewpoint… Freedom is not a free for all, where herion vending machines in schools is just “choice”, it obviously comes with responsibilites far greater than that – maybe the greatest responsibility..? Vigilance..?

    I think private provision of roads is completely consist with the belief in free enterprise that makes up part of conservatism (happy to be corrected witha rational argument), road demand came in no small part from the provide provision of railway, which lead to the private provision of public transport, which lead to the private creation of the motor car (you’ll notice all have slowly crept into the almost complete control of government and have entreched by ever increasing statute law, regulation, zoning, etc), if the USA has private freight railways, Jarkata has private public transport (Jitneys) and if even the bleeding French have a extensive toll road system there is no reason we can’t have a private provision of transport with access and condition of entry controlled by these groups, freeing up the Police to do their job…


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