O’Reilly Not Fair and Balanced on Obama Birth Certificate Issue.

Bill O’Reilly continues his assault on those who believe the President of the US should be constitutionally eligible. In his show last Wednesday he slandered those who want Obama to provide real proof he was born in the US by aligning them with Truthers, the far right, and Ron Paul and John Birchers. I guess I’m pretty representative of most who want the matter settled. I’m none of those things.

O’Reilly had Karl Rove on and together they demonstrated a remarkable degree of ignorance on the issue and a remarkable degree of bigotry towards fellow Americans. O’Reilly started the show by attacking a recent poll that showed 50% of Republicans question Obama’s eligibility. He then quoted from another poll taken in April last year that he claimed confronted the findings of the more recent poll. For the sake of the argument, I’ll concede O’Reilly’s claim that the later poll was inaccurate. (sample very small at 400 people). However if the only other poll he could find was from April 2010 he wasn’t looking very hard.

Recent polls even if you want to argue their methodology and figures, still show an increasing amount of doubt in the US as to Obama’s Constitutional eligibility. According to a recent (Jan 14-17 2010) Wenzel Strategies poll, when asked if they consider Obama a “legitimate president,” 32.6 percent of respondents said no, and another 15.8 percent said they were not sure. Barely half of the voters, 51.5 percent said they do consider Obama a legitimate president .

This basically agrees with the poll on Republican voters O’Reilly claims is inaccurate. There is an undeniable trend, and a poll taken today I am sure would demonstrate an entirely different result to 11 months ago.

Both Rove and O’Reilly hammered on about-

1) The BC issue being a distraction deliberately put out there to split the Republican Party.

No evidence of this. In fact if this was their plan, why was Lou Dobbs sacked from CNN for pursuing it? Why have most Democrat supporting news agencies refused to report on the issue, or when they have reported, continued with the lie that the COLB is a birth certificate? Secondly, if it is a strategy designed to split, then all that has to happen to end it is for RINOS like Rove and O’Reilly to ask Obama to produce the long form certificate. Case closed. If there was enough clamour for him to do this he would have to.

2) The COLB is the birth certificate.

Accepted as a lie by most informed people. Even Chris Matthews and Governor Abercrombie of Hawaii.

3) There were advertisements notifying of the birth in two Hawaii newspapers.

So there might have been (although this still remains to be proved as all that exists are microfilm copies) but these could have many explanations. The most commonly accepted one being that the advertisements were automatically generated once documents certifying the baby’s existence were processed by the Registry office. In other words, Obama’s grandparents could have registered the birth merely to ensure the baby had American citizenship. (not the same as “natural born”) There is no supporting proof (so far) to show Obama was born anywhere or at any time. Two newspaper advertisements and a electronic COLB are not enough to prove a President’s eligibility.

What O’Reilly and Rove both continue to refuse to acknowledge is that this is not a Ron Paul issue, or a 9/11 conspiracy issue, or a John Birch issue, or a far right issue, IT IS A CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUE that relates to the security of the US and the President’s loyalty to this country. If people worried by it are perhaps bound by one thing, it is respect for the American Constitution.

The braggard and coward O’Reilly needs to have somebody on who will oppose him on these issues. Not a nodding like thinking poodle like Karl Rove. Where is the fairness and balance Mr. O’Reilly?

Video of subject O’Reilly Factor segment below.

2 thoughts on “O’Reilly Not Fair and Balanced on Obama Birth Certificate Issue.

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  2. Since when is the constitution not relevant? Why do you think the American people want government by sound bite? What you are really afraid is that you are not in control of a populist message. Even Chris Matthews said the President should just show his long-form and be done with it. If you are so confident that the President is a “natural-born” citizen then no harm no foul, just show the long-form.


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