Baghdad Wants $1 billion From US For Blast Wall Removal

I stuck with George Bush because you have to. You cannot undermine your troops in the field by doing pro-enemy propaganda at home. I have always looked at it from that perspective, and seen anyone who opposed the war vocally and who constantly criticised the Bush government and the war effort as foolish fifth columnists. The objective was victory, and we must do all we can once committed to war to obtain that result.

I disagreed with the general strategy. I think lives of soldiers were needlessly wasted by soft liberals who thought that gentle persuasion should be the plan. I would have used much heavier bombing campaigns, the largest missiles and maybe even mini nukes to win the war. Street battles where soldiers were killed were a disgraceful waste. Strength and force is what was needed. Any other option creates perceptions of weakness.

Today I observed a pretty good indication of just that outcome. To guard against roadside bombs and ambush, the US troops installed defensive barriers along the roads, designed to deflect impact force when any explosive detonated. Now that Baghdad is safe and the Iraqis have their democracy thanks to the blood of American soldiers, these walls have to be taken down. AFP reports-

BAGHDAD — Baghdad’s city hall has demanded $1 billion and an apology from the US military, accusing the force that led an invasion to oust Saddam Hussein of turning a “beautiful city into a military camp.” In a statement published on its website late on Wednesday, the city council cited damage done to the city by the erection of concrete blast walls, seen throughout the Iraqi capital, as well as the use of Humvee military vehicles.

“Baghdad city council demands the United States pay compensation estimated at $1 billion as a result of damage to infrastructure and issue an apology to the people of Baghdad,” the statement said. “Anyone can recognise what American forces have done to Baghdad by turning this beautiful city into a military camp and destroying streets and communities.”

The statement added that it was asking for the damages “because of mistakes by the American army and its neglect of projects completed by Baghdad city hall” in previous years.

Leaving aside that the Iraqi security services were involved in the erection of the walls, this seems like a pretty arrogant demand to me. Especially seeing as after the war most of the contacts for the sale of oil went to Russia and China, and they’re getting billions from that that would otherwise be going to Saddam Hussein.

Which all goes to show I was right from the start, and we should have just leveled the damn place and saved all those soldier’s lives. Just disgusting. Barack Obama will probably give them the $1 billion, and the apology too.


3 thoughts on “Baghdad Wants $1 billion From US For Blast Wall Removal

  1. You know what? I’m with you on this one baiter. Bugger me.

    I’m sure it’s upsetting to have a capital city full of ugly concrete fortifications.

    It must have been pretty upsetting having a murderous thug dictator running everything too, but he is now gone, they could try looking on the bright side for a change.


  2. By their logic the US should compensate them for all the “beautiful statues of that guy with the moustache” that got teared down…

    Give them a promisory note for $1 bn USD (redemable in goods from Wal-mart) – after the US is back in surplus…


  3. “…accusing the force that led an invasion to oust Saddam Hussein of turning a “beautiful city into a military camp.” ”

    And what was it before that? A torture-riddled hellhole. We shoudl ask the stupid bastards for all the money it cost us to fix that for them – because they sure couldn’t.

    There is no understanding the mindset of people like this.


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