Uprising in Libya Spreads To Tripoli

I’m hoping the reports coming from Tripoli of government buildings burning and the main radio station commandeered by the protesters are indications that Gaddafi is finished. Tripoli has always been Gaddafi’s major political support base, and if he has lost control there then it is over for him and his regime. Latest updates-

Protesters in Libya’s capital are reported to have set fire to government buildings and attacked the headquarters of state television as the anti-Gaddafi demonstrations that began in the east of the country threaten to engulf the regime. Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets overnight clashing with police and shouting anti-Gaddafi slogans as tribal leaders demanded an end to the violent government crackdown. There were also reports that some soldiers in the east had defected to the opposition, in a revolt that has killed more than 230 people.

Witnesses said that the brutal crackdown, that began in the country’s second city of Benghazi, has spread to the capital overnight with reports of automatic gunfire and teargas in Tripoli for the first time since the unrest began. The government building where the general people’s congress, or parliament, meets was reported to be on fire and there were separate reports that protesters had attacked the headquarters of the state television network.

Another source, Salem Gnan, a London-based spokesman for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, says he has spoken to protesters in Tripoli and Benghazi today-

They surrounded Gaddafi’s residence in Tripoli this morning and tried to get in but there was very heavy fire from inside the compound and many people were killed; the person I spoke to told me 80 people have died there. There had been “many thousands” of anti-regime protesters on the capital’s street before Libya’s security forces opened fire earlier this morning.

The protesters ran away and have dispersed now; they are hiding because of the fire but they will be back because they do not have anything to lose now. Tripoli was the last place for Gaddafi and now it will decide what happens. I expect there will be a lot of bloodshed and a lot of people killed because this is the last chance for both sides. But [the protesters] are going to finish this.

Gnan said he had also spoken to demonstrators in the eastern city of Benghazi.

They are being bombed by helicopter gunships and jet aeroplanes because Gaddafi wants to punish the place where this started … They were screaming, saying “please help us, help us” because a lot of people are being killed in the bombings. It is a very terrible situation.

I knew many Libyans in Benghazi and Tripoli and the country towns. They were good people, and I hope they are faring well. Their bravery in finally rising up against the murderous and well armed Gaddafi regime is inspirational.

You can get live updates on events in Libya here.

12 thoughts on “Uprising in Libya Spreads To Tripoli

  1. I hope Gaddafi and his cronies are put up against a wall.

    Supplied arms and explosives to the IRA to maim and murder and Blair embraced him. Shame and disgust is what I feel towards these craven, grovelling lowlifes.

    European news channels are rightly reporting concerns of a possible new tide of humanity heading towards our shores. That’s the future. A steady stream that could become a tide to overwhelm Europe.

    Human rights laws must be repealed. They only favour the “other” never the citizenry.


  2. I’m looking forward to the back of this worm Gaddafi, who has squandered two generations of his country’s irreplacable resources on himself…

    And I pray he isn’t replaced by a extremist Islamo-loon…

    Liberty Scott summarised Gaddafi hit list:

    – Sending hit-squads to assassinate political opponents residing in other countries, nine were killed;
    – Sent troops to protect Idi Amin’s dictatorship from Tanzanian troops that were fighting Amin’s attempt to annex part of Tanzania. Gaddafi gave Idi Amin safe haven after he fled Uganda;
    – In 1984, a gunman at the Libyan Embassy in London shot and killed policewoman Yvonne Fletcher as he shot at protestors outside the Embassy. Ten other people were hit;
    – The Chad-Libyan conflict as Gaddafi sought to annex the Aozou Strip. He failed, but around 8,500 were killed in the war;
    – Bombing of UTA Flight 772 in 1989, killing 170 people;
    – Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 (Lockerbie), killing 270 people;
    – Bombing of a West Berlin discotheque in 1986, killing 3 and injuring 230;
    – Supplies of weapons, ammunition and bombs to the IRA in the 1970s and 1980s;
    – Weapons and arms training to ETA in the 1970s;
    – Weapons and funding for the Moro National Liberation Front (Islamist rebels) in the Philippines in the 1970s;
    – Financing for the Black September Movement that murdered 12 at the Munich Olympics in 1972;
    – Weapons to Iran after the 1979 revolution saw ties severed with the US and USSR;
    – Support for the PLO during its terrorist phase, and subsequent expulsion of 50,000 Palestinians when the PLO started negotiating with Israel;
    – 1200 prisoners killed in Abu Salim prison in 1996.


  3. I see the Mail UK are reporting he may have already fled Libya and be headed for Venezuela. Who would have thought Chavez would give safe haven to a totalitarian dictator? I wonder what the communists who regularly post comments at New Zealand’s premier right-wing blog will make of it (not that there’s any commentary at all over there right now).


  4. Exactly GG. Here’s that scum Gaddafi, murdering protesters in his country by means of the army navy and air force, and Chavez gives him sanctuary. The left are evil.

    Their attempts to frame themselves as concerned with the plight of the poor are exposed as mere opportunist deceit.

    Their strawmen of “corporations” or “”the rich” are shown to be worthless diversions to distract from their own desperate attempts to seek power.

    They are nothing but power seeking totalitarian monsters who will kill any amount of “poor” if their hold on power is threatened.


  5. The thing about corporations and the rich is that in the majority of cases they have obtained wealth and market position through the co-operation of staff and customers… Who can say that about leftist governments, especially dictatorial ones..?


  6. “I’m looking forward to the back of this worm Gaddafi, who has squandered two generations of his country’s irreplacable resources on himself…”

    Yes indeed, but worse, he has operated with the connivance of the UK government, (Blair in particular) and other western governments.

    “And I pray he isn’t replaced by a extremist Islamo-loon…”

    Yes, well I read somewhere that some of the fiercest fighting in Tripoli has been led by Islamists. (taken over 70 armoured cars). Only time will tell.


  7. Gaddafi started playing nice after Bush went into Iraq and it seemed a bit of “real oil politik” came into effect after that…

    I worry about all the states that are falling over, Tunisia, Eygpt, Libya, possibly Jordan, Bahrain and Yemen… All could have Ayatollahs within a few years and then what was the point..?


  8. “All could have Ayatollahs within a few years and then what was the point..?”
    Actually, this may be a blessing in disguise, as it would likely force them to show their true face, perhaps even undertake a hasty attack on Israel. The subsequent retaliation could well push the barbaric desert faith a few centuries back again, perhaps wipe it out entirely, or moderate it to an acceptable level. Something akin to the crusades, but then with a better follow up infrastructure, and a lesson well learned.


  9. “The problem needs to be dealt with, and dealt with finally.”

    Oh, it will be – and likely very soon!
    I have some suggested reading for those interested in how it all plays out …


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