General Debate 24/02/11

The sadness and destruction and bravery that is Christchurch.

Categories: Culture, General Debate

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  1. We continue to pray for those in ChCh…

    Some happy news from the US:

    Here are some more highlights from the surveys:

    •Obama enjoys his highest level of approval in Hawaii (65.9%) and lowest level of approval in Wyoming (27.6%).
    •The President’s approval in his home state of Illinois is at an underwhelming 53.4%.
    •Obama’s steepest decline from 2009 was in Vermont (shocking) and Arizona (not shocking at all).
    •Obama is under 50% in states that are worth 363 electoral votes, while over 50% in states that are worth just 175 electoral votes.
    •There are a whopping 13 Democrat Senate seats up for reelection in 2012 that are in states where Obama is under water. Only one Republican, Scott Brown, represents a state where Obama is above 50%. Hmmm, 47+13=?


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