Far Left Washington Post Kept Afloat By Govt Money Coming By Way of Kaplan University Scams?

While so many newspapers in the US are falling victim to financial pressures resulting from declining readership, the Washington Post, one of the most far left newspapers in the US, keeps steaming along. How does it remain so financially strong? How is it able to swim against the tide. I have read a number or articles of late that suggest the only thing keeping this trashy liberal rag afloat is that it is financially underpinned by revenue from Kaplan University, a low end educational establishment that it owns.

Change.com has one such article up today. They’re one of those crazed extreme left operations who don’t like the Washington Post because they perceive it as right wing. The organisation has launched a petition aimed at shutting down the University unless changes are made.

Kaplan University Online promises convenient college degrees paid for with easy federal aid. But for many students, all they deliver is debt, unethical practices and misleading claims. Who cashes in? The Washington Post Company, which owns the lucrative chain of colleges and lends its stellar reputation to a scam for low-income students. Shannon Croteau was 11 classes away from a degree from Kaplan University Online when she learned she was out of financial aid, owed $30,000 and that the degree would be worthless in her state of New Hampshire.

Croteau had been told by Kaplan — a lucrative chain of “for-profit” colleges owned by the Washington Post Company — that she could make more than $65,000 a year as a paralegal. Getting financial aid from the government was easy, they said, and earning a degree would be a snap.

“For-profit” colleges like Kaplan and the University of Phoenix target low-income students, promising easy degrees and online courses. Instead, Croteau, and millions of other students, end up victims of an industry that siphoned off more than $4.3 billion dollars of federal student aid in 2008-2009 alone. Few students graduate — the University of Phoenix’s graduation rate is 9 percent. Those who do are often drowning in debt, or find that the lucrative jobs they’d been promised don’t exist.

Even after an explosive government report uncovered deceptive practices at 16 out of 16 colleges investigated, the for-profit industry – including Washington Post Co. Chairman Donald Graham – denies all wrong-doing and continues to fight government regulation. A group of former Kaplan University Students are banding together to set the record straight. Led by Shannon Croteau, they’re demanding that Graham, and the Washington Post Company, shut down their broken chain of colleges until “changes are made”.

So Kaplan University scams students who are funded by government grants and the money is used to prop up the otherwise unviable Washington Post. Sounds pretty much like your standard leftist scenario to me. Were they ever doing anything that wasn’t funded by money somehow pipelined from taxpayers or unwilling members of unions or shady bailout deals?


7 thoughts on “Far Left Washington Post Kept Afloat By Govt Money Coming By Way of Kaplan University Scams?

  1. This reminds one strongly of the rabble of “tertiary” institutions we have here that do basically the same thing.


  2. Had a guy at our house a few days ago who was a top shelf scholar at high school and a university graduate. I was unpacking groceries and I saw the cash register printout with the total, and exclaimed “Hell, all that for this small amount of stuff, can that be right?”, and then handed the docket to the student and said, “Check that, is it right?”.

    I did it in a casual sort of half joking way, but was surprised to see the top student pucker his brow and go into intense concentration mode, and after about three minutes of staring was unable to add the list of about 15 items in his head. I could have done it myself in about 30 seconds. I know most of my peers could have done the same.

    I get given petrol receipts where 70% of the time the word petrol is spelled incorrectly. Petrel, Petril, Petral, and some unbelievably bizarre combinations.

    I don’t know if others are familiar with this scenario or not, but it seems quite common when I talk about it among my friends. The left have destroyed the education system, as they destroy everything they get control of.


  3. The Washington Post used to be an excellent business (not paper) until the internet came along… Buffett owns a chunk of it I think – at least he used too…


  4. Very correct indeed. I sometimes get the feeling that the level they now reach in high school was well mastered by the time we used to finished primary. They do know a lot more about their “rights” and the niceties and vices of life though….., just not much about responsibilities and obligations.
    We’re getting old I guess.


  5. No surprise Red.

    More than 50% of university students in their final year are unable to write a proper essay, even on a subject of their choice. The incidence of grammatical errors, deficient writing and spelling mistakes, is very high among those who are supposed to know.

    The current system churns out one generation of illiterate people after another.


  6. The irony here of course is if change.com manage to get Kaplan shut down, it will probably also be the death knell of the Washington Post, nowadays one of the most far left newspapers out there. We need so much more of this kind of infighting.


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