Cultural Marxists Misuse Celebration of Navy History To Promote Diversity

It seems that any government institution today is prey to the Progressives who jump at any chance to introduce division at the expense of our true traditions. In the US, a celebration has been organised to mark 100 years of naval aviation. However, it just cannot be a simple occasion where the heroes of the Navy’s aviation division are rewarded one and all with recognition for their services. The damn progressives who seem to be in control of so many such events want to turn it in to a propaganda exercise for affirmative action. Veteran naval pilots are pissed off.

“There is ‘history’ and then there is ‘revisionist history’ written to support a political agenda,” said Roy Stafford, a former Marine attack aircraft pilot. “This timeline offered up the first female naval aviator and first female navy astronaut and first black Blue Angel pilot as major milestones and high-water marks for naval aviation to the exclusion of the real history makers. That just didn’t sit well with my simple Marine Corps mind.”

“The true facts are that women’s contribution to naval aviation has been minimal to nonexistent for 80 of the first 100 years,” said Mr. Stafford. “The simple truth is they were not there, not World War I, not World War II, not Korea nor Vietnam. Men who pushed the limits of mankind to levels never before reached, to relegate them to footnote status while elevating the social agenda is a disservice to all who went before them.”

The focus of the veteran’s complaints is a website central to the celebration that provides videos and pictures and slides shows that show the timeline of Naval aviation.

The slide show features, with photo portraits, the first female naval aviator, the first female line officer, the first Marine Corps female aviators and the first woman to command a squadron. The slides do not honor any particular male aviation pioneers. A second, more-detailed history, called a “flipbook” slide show on the same Web page, does show several naval flying aces. But it provides few details on World War II and Korea and provides nothing on air combat in Vietnam. It mentions the Afghanistan War but not the Iraq War in 2003 when naval aviators flew hundreds of sorties. The flipbook highlights four female “firsts.”

“My complaint about this 100th anniversary is not necessarily we celebrate the accomplishments or the firsts,” said Jon Ault, a retired F-14 pilot who carried out more than 1,000 carrier landings. “But the fact they’re excluding other very, very important events in naval aviation to be more politically correct in honoring blacks, females and what have you — come on. If you’re going to do this thing, do it equally across the board.”

Another veteran sent in a letter-

As a former Navy A-4 attack pilot with two Vietnam cruises, this whole current PC ‘Cheerleading’ Time Line on your website is nothing more than a Disney World silly symbolism and girlie-man PR stunt … nothing more. Worse, it’s a basic slap in the face to the tens of thousands of Navy and Marine aviators who took enormous risks, gave their lives, and demonstrated enormous courage under daunting conditions to build what Naval Air has become today.”

Worse, it seems that the website was approved by senior Naval staff who should have known better, veterans themselves. But that is how it is, isn’t it. They probably did know better but were too intimidated by the cultural Marxism in the bureaucracy to speak their minds as the retired naval aviators not so close to the administration did.

This is just one example of the way the Progressives attempt to stamp their name on public events and misuse them as a means to subtly introduce Progressive ideas to the public. In NZ you can hardly watch any sporting event unless it includes having a good dose of Maori “culture” shoved down your throat. Some bunch of brainwashed turkeys pulling stupid faces or doing the haka. Or if there is any kind of award for special services, they’re always going to woman or “minorities”. I’m glad the Navy veterans spoke out. It should happen more often, especially in NZ. with the country so firmly in the clutches of the cultural Marxists, I’ve only faint hope that it ever will.

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2 thoughts on “Cultural Marxists Misuse Celebration of Navy History To Promote Diversity

  1. I guess when the shit REALLY hits the fan then the average “white” serviceMAN will be able to sit back and the minority ethnic, the sodomite and female service-people [cough] will hoist up their skirts and step into the breach …

    Such a shame that there is ABSOLUTELY NO historical precedent of this ever happening before. But who am I to question the Marxist paradise which is coagulating before us … a “paradise” where black becomes white and white becomes black. Or, more correctly, is that “where men become soft limp wristed metrosexuals and women become masculine-lesbian amazonian warriors” ?!


  2. Yeah I read this morning where in Australia kids are not singing “baa baa black sheep” but “baa baa rainbow sheep”. FFS, these people really need to be dealt to.


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