Voters Cause Speed Camera and Speed Limit Review in NSW

Anyone who has visited NSW anytime recently should have been appalled by the actions of the state’s traffic law enforcement division. The people administering this division of government are a collection of petty tyrants who use unreasonable laws to steal millions of dollars from otherwise law abiding citizens. The NSW main roads system suffers the visual pollution of “do not speed” signs almost every couple of hundred metres, all couched in the most arrogant patronising and dictatorial tones. The tyrants act as if they are totally unaccountable to the public.

And they basically are unaccountable in legal terms, but they are not unaccountable at the ballot box. Thousands of NSW citizens will have an opportunity to express their hatred for the Roads and Traffic Authority at the ballot box as the incoming Coalition government has promised an inquiry into speed limits and speed cameras.

Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell said the Coalition policy was aimed at ending an era of NSW motorists being used as revenue-raisers by the State Government. “Speed limits should be about safety and saving lives, not about revenue raising,” Mr O’Farrell said. “After 16 years of Labor, the emphasis is on speed cameras, rather than a visible police presence on the state’s roads.” State Nationals leader Andrew Stoner said the speed limit audit would begin immediately if elected.

He said speed zones would be rationalised within the first year of government. “The Keneally-Labor Government has chosen revenue raising over road safety, cold cash over common sense,” Mr Stoner said. “We believe that clearer and more consistent speed limits will not only increase driver compliance and safety, but will also improve traffic flow and help to reduce travel times for motorists.”

The Government earned a staggering $322,485,773 in the past five years from 2,669,373 motorists ripped off by Roads and Traffic Authority static speed cameras. Among the changes the Coalition proposes, high revenue cameras placed near unexpected and poorly identified changes in speed zones will be removed. Speed limits will be rationalised with far fewer changes over given areas. Right now, on one section of the Great Western Highway, drivers have to negotiate more than 40 speed-limit changes in a single 72km section. Speed limits on country roads will be raised from 100 kph to 110 kph.

That the Coalition government has raised these issues as part of their election campaign demonstrates that the ineffective argument used by the statist drones that ‘if you do not want to be fined or lose your license then do not speed’ has lost its weight. The traffic enforcement system was being abused as just another part of the taxation department, and it took some time, but at long last the voters have seen sense and will get their revenge on those managing this tyrannical division of government. Labour is facing a rout in the coming election. Their contempt for road users will play a large part in their looming defeat.

Source- Sydney Sunday Telegraph.

3 thoughts on “Voters Cause Speed Camera and Speed Limit Review in NSW

  1. Great, I hope NSW Labor is decimated as a prelude to the next Aussie general… I might watch the Aussie news on Sky the night of the election…


  2. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire road system in Sydney is appalling. Some real long-term planning and fixes are needed to service the increased population.


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