Communist Watermelon Nick Smith Gambles Another $798,300 Of Your Money

Nick Smith proudly announces another in his long running series “picking winners for watermelons”.

Environment Minister Nick Smith today announced the final six Auckland projects from 2010/11 to receive funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund. “Supporting these projects is a practical way the Government can encourage New Zealanders to reuse, recycle, recover and decrease the amount of waste going to our landfills,” Dr Smith said.


Note no cost benefit analysis of the difference between building landfills with this taxpayer money and dolling it out to people Nick Smith likes. Note no cost benefit analysis of the cost of dealing with the suggested environmental outcomes by the means Nick Smith chooses, and the cost of burying it in landfills, even if in some circumstances special conditions might need to be applied. No cost benefit analysis, we’re just told by Nick Smith and his cronies that this is best for us. Frankly, after Smith’s two faced attitude to Climate Change, I’d trust his views on anything about as far as I could kick Gerry Brownlee. But who are we to ask such questions? We’re only the people providing the money so Nick Smith can look good.

Meanwhile, in The Washington Examiner, where there are still some journalists who do not see their role as brainwashing the public for the government good, we see an interesting article entitled- “Obama’s green subsidies attract do-gooder bandits”.

President Obama’s green energy push is rapidly proving to be a crooked racket. It works like this: Revolving-door political hires rev up subsidy programs that enrich their former employers. Then they cash out themselves, pocketing taxpayer loot while turning out energy products that range from inefficient technologies to total failures. Faster than the turbine on a subsidized wind mill, the “clean-tech” revolving door spins out green bandits who get rich off the subsidies they helped craft.

The article then goes on to list friends of the Obama administration who are currently profiting from the government’s patronage of all things “green”. Read the article, and be outraged at the naked corruption on view and then wonder why there is so little said about it in the mainstream media.

Cathy Zoi, an Al Gore acolyte, has left her job as assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy to go to work for a new fund that invests in green energy. It was started by Democratic donor George Soros. Her former “special assistant,” Peter Roehrig, joined DOE’s renewable energy office from the U.S. Renewable Energy Group. The latter is a company founded by lobbyists who saw they could pocket taxpayer dollars by acting as cutouts for Chinese windmill barons trying to get their hands on stimulus money.

In any other industry, these conflicts of interest and naked subsidy-suckling would draw a firestorm of media attention about cronyism and corporate welfare. But green bandits like Zoi, Soros, Roehrig, and O’Hanlon, instead are praised as entrepreneurs who are also trying to save the planet. It just shows what you can get away with in this town if you cloak yourself in green.

Of course this blog is not for one minute suggesting that any similar kind of corruption would be evident in the processing of the millions of dollars of taxpayer money Nick Smith is distributing. Neither would this blog be suggesting that journalists in NZ are such useless lazy incompetent government propagandists that they would fail to investigate these handouts. Knowing Nick Smith and NZ journalists as we do, it would of course be all strictly above board.

Washington Examiner- Obama’s green subsidies attract do-gooder bandits. (read it, its outrageous)

3 thoughts on “Communist Watermelon Nick Smith Gambles Another $798,300 Of Your Money

  1. “it would of course be all strictly above board”

    and of course, thoroughly endorsed by that paragon of environmentalism, ex-Mare Harvey. The one that has been raping ratepayer wallets for the past two decades out West under the guise of eco-this and eco-that. Remind me where he is now in Lying Len’s team of acolytes.


  2. Smith, the despicable Greenie and intellectual father of the abominable ETS!
    A traitor who should be dumped by the people of Nelson.


  3. “A traitor who should be dumped by the people of Nelson.”

    I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the people of Nelson, but Smith has held Nelson for 15 years and through 5 general elections. His majority is massive (20,000 or more). Not sure if that’s a reflection of the people of Nelson suffering some kind of collective mental illness, or the paucity of candidates. I guess when the red team fields Maryan Street, the bluegreen team could field Benito Mussolini and still come away with a win.


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