Video of Appalling Leftist Thugs and Cowards in Wisconsin

Check how these soviet style Bolsheviks attempt to intimidate a lone Conservative (the silver haired Glen Grothman) trying to find a way into the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison, sealed so as to allow business to be conducted after occupation by these same undemocratic thugs for a week. These cowards actually have the nerve to say they are demanding democracy when everything they are doing in Wisconsin, and especially this shameful attack upon a lone Senator, runs completely counter to that concept.

These people are dangerous sovietized thugs and it is long past time they were treated as such. Tolerating these subversives only encourages them. It is so bad in Wisconsin now that Police will not discharge their duties because of their union affiliations. How the hell is that democracy? These people are just disgusting anti-freedom anti-US soviet moles trying to steal money from taxpayers to sustain a standard of living that they don’t deserve and is now unaffordable.

Some kudos is due to the Democrat Rep (Brett Hulsey) who saved Senator Glen Grothman from the mob. But what stinking partisan cowards the mainstream media are for keeping this event low profile as they try so hard to portray the Tea Party as violent. Such an appallingly dishonest double standard. Proof of how corrupt left wing politics is in the US, and that the left completely own the media.

In breaking news just filtering out, it is being reported by various internet sources that one Democrat senator has returned to Wisconsin. This may signal that the resistance is faltering.

4 thoughts on “Video of Appalling Leftist Thugs and Cowards in Wisconsin

  1. Obama weighed in again saying public sector workers shouldn’t have their rights attacked and at this time we need to be attracting the best and the brightest to public service…

    How can someone who graduated from Harvard say such outrageous nonsense without falling over laughing…

    Yeah the USA doesn’t need it’s best and brightest inventing new products and discovering new energy sources, it needs them teaching 6 year olds how to put on condoms…


  2. It would be pleasing to see these fools left to their own devices. Disband state government in Wisconsin. Shut down all state departments and lock the doors. The only way these brainwashed fools will learn is by a harsh lesson in life. But this fight is really their last gasp for the socialist utopia they have always dreamt of, of course they will fail in the end, they have to, you can’t change the law of physics. You can’t continue creating something out of nothing.


  3. The brainwashed are the people who believe this is all about the unions. It’s about abusive employment practices by the state that the unions have not been able to stop, IT’S ABOUT 900 million BEING STRIPPED from the education budget and being handed over to big business. YOU horses asses have NOT read the budget bill and think this is all about what the LIAR Walker has said, READ the BILL and go back and look at the videos of Walker countering his own lies each day, he was leading each of you to the conclusions you have made, making it about the unions and NOT about the very real rape of Wisconsin’s businessmen in favor of out of state Big Businessmen who are moving operations over seas, the removal of education from Wisconsin. The destruction of Wisconsin as the premiere source of education for medicine and educators (not just “teachers”). This man CREATED a deficit that is the direct result of tax cuts to EXISTING big business and not to incoming business, NOTHING to bring business into the state… This DRIVES business out of the state, this is the same thing the previous governor had done and Walker campaigned against. Just like he campaigned against the way the previous administration used this same tactic of ramrodding legislation through… Walker is a two faced criminalistic liar, he convinced YOU that this is all about the unions. YOU think it is, it isnt and you are fools if you do not look beyond the lies and read the bill and see the facts for yourself.


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