General Debate 03/03/11

WASHINGTON, DC- 03/01/11 — Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin won the Republican Straw Poll for February reflecting the opinion of hundreds of thousands of conservative voters on and Second place belonged to Ron Paul with 15 percent and third place went to Mitt Romney with 11 percent.

Townhall/HotAir, the leading conservative online network owned by Salem Communications (NASDAQ: SALM), released the February results of the Townhall Republican Straw Poll Monday. With hundreds of thousands of and readers registering their votes, the results foreshadow the battle for the Republican nomination over the next several months.

Despite no official candidates running yet, conservative voters are obviously beginning to develop favorites already in the field of possible choices.

The full results of the Townhall/ HotAir straw poll results are as follows:

18% Sarah Palin
15% Ron Paul
11% Mitt Romney
10% Newt Gringrich
8% Mike Huckabee
7% Chris Christie
6% Herman Cain


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