When Will Nick Smith & Nats Get Their Heads Out Of The Sand On “Green” Jobs?

Nick Smith continues to dance around the political stage expounding on the benefits we are supposedly receiving from his manic dolling out of our money to business winners he has picked. Why are they winners. Because they’re focused on environmental initiatives. What a shame Nick Smith and the rest of the Nats can’t keep up. I mean on the one hand they say they want jobs and a flourishing economy, and on the other hand, they’re blowing our hard earned cash flogging the dead horse of green jobs.

I mean look about you Smith for God’s sake. You don’t need to be a damn rocket scientist to discover and understand the facts. Studies are everywhere that point out the folly of the kind of exercise that Nick Smith and the Nats are indulging in.

The Copenhagen Consensus Centre asked Gurcan Gulen, a senior energy economist at the Centre for Energy Economics, Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin, to assess the “state of the science” in defining, measuring and predicting the creation of green jobs. Gulen concluded job creation “cannot be defended as another benefit” of well-meaning green policies. In fact, the number of jobs these policies create is likely to be offset – or worse – by the number of jobs they destroy.

Here’s another-

Government support for the renewable sector in Scotland is costing more jobs than it creates, a report has claimed. A study by consultants Verso Economics found there was a negative impact from the policy to promote the industry. It said 3.7 jobs were lost for every one created in the UK as a whole and that political leaders needed to engage in “honest debate” about the issue.

Honest debate?? Yeah, that would be good. Let’s start with asking Smith who benefits from NZ’s carbon trading scheme and what donations those who benefit made to the National Party. The main point is though that governments are not the driving force of enterprise in any country and we have to get away from the misguided belief that they are. That is a socialist belief.

Smith and National need to get the hell out of the way and let business run the course it sets for itself. Over taxing enterprise and then using that tax to distort the market based on whatever damn environmentally fashionable idea might be ascendant at any particular time is just counter productive Marxist bullshit, and it is amazing to me that a party with the founding principles that National has would go down that road. Nick Smith needs to leave National and join Labour, and take his damn job and enterprise destroying Marxist ideas with him.

Nick Smith, with his so called Blue- Green group, probably thinks his schemes are a great counter to the vote seeking exercises of the Green Party. This is another strategy I disagree with very strongly. WE DO NOT NEED TO INDULGE IN DUPLICITY. We argue the point honestly and we defeat these people in the field of ideas. We do not join in the deceit and use it to try and attract votes that might otherwise go to the watermelons. We counter their claims with truth and facts and we defeat their arguments in the public arena. That is the correct and honourable course of action, and the one that National should be following.

4 thoughts on “When Will Nick Smith & Nats Get Their Heads Out Of The Sand On “Green” Jobs?

  1. Smith should follow Power’s example and resign. He has caused enough damagr already.
    Go away, you Green parasite.


  2. Great response to peterwn over at Whale GG. That useless Nat sycophant is always pasting that same bullshit up everywhere. No idea about what is right and what is left. So limited in his political perceptions he can only see about 20% of the political spectrum, from extreme left to far left.


  3. To be honest I don’t think it would concern Smith, or Key for that matter, one iota if for every “green job” it cost 10 productive jobs.

    And even if we were to hold a referendum, and 87% rejected the whole ETS fraud, Smith and Key would still merrily take NZ down the road to destruction. Traitors in anyone’s book!!!


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