Friday Photo

While gutter crawling on my moped in Beijing I happened upon this colourful collection of Small Breasted Asian Streetwalkers. I thought their bright multi-coloured plumage made an interesting shot. I learned later the red one was named Mai and she was extremely agile. Off to Ponsonby road now to have a latte with Brian and Judy. Hope you all have a positively super day.

12 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. Ponsonby Road? You haven’t turned into a limp-wristed trendoid, have you RB?

    [Its satire, based on the writing style that usually accompanies Kiwiblog’s Friday Photo- RB]


  2. You’re obviously missing giving “(c) Shithead” his usual Friday rev up, Red. I notice that you’ve also exceeded his usually limited colour palette.

    I do miss my usual exchanges with him … like a hole in the head. I guess I’ll just have to stick to annoying Roman Catholics πŸ˜‰


  3. Hey Red, are you really going to Ponsonby Road tonight? I normally drink there. Sometimes I start in town at the viaduct then come to Ponsonby sometimes 10-30 pm or after . Which bar (and what time) that you gonna be at?


  4. Sorry Falafulu, I won’t be in Ponsonby Road. It was an attempt at satirizing the commentary that usually accompanies Kiwiblog’s Friday Photo.


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