Friday Photo

While gutter crawling on my moped in Beijing I happened upon this colourful collection of Small Breasted Asian Streetwalkers. I thought their bright multi-coloured plumage made an interesting shot. I learned later the red one was named Mai and she was extremely agile. Off to Ponsonby road now to have a latte with Brian and Judy. Hope you all have a positively super day.

Categories: Culture

12 replies

  1. Ponsonby Road? You haven’t turned into a limp-wristed trendoid, have you RB?

    [Its satire, based on the writing style that usually accompanies Kiwiblog’s Friday Photo- RB]


  2. Did I tell you there is no God??

    (Satire for those unfamiliar with the obsessions of Kiwiblog’s usual Friday Photo contributor.)


  3. Oh, that dropkick. Thought as much.


  4. You mean the amauterish stuff shot by Catatonic?


  5. hmm..I don’t go there. (no hazmat suit)


  6. Gecko’s pics would put his to shame any day.


  7. You’re obviously missing giving “(c) Shithead” his usual Friday rev up, Red. I notice that you’ve also exceeded his usually limited colour palette.

    I do miss my usual exchanges with him … like a hole in the head. I guess I’ll just have to stick to annoying Roman Catholics 😉


  8. Hey Red, are you really going to Ponsonby Road tonight? I normally drink there. Sometimes I start in town at the viaduct then come to Ponsonby sometimes 10-30 pm or after . Which bar (and what time) that you gonna be at?


  9. Sorry Falafulu, I won’t be in Ponsonby Road. It was an attempt at satirizing the commentary that usually accompanies Kiwiblog’s Friday Photo.


  10. The one on the right sems to have found a novel way of advertising that she can detach her jaw 😀


  11. Seriously Red, if you ever go to Ponsonby Road, go to Dizengoff.
    Great coffee. I always enjoy their cheese and toast too.


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