Suspected Wikileaks Provider Pfc. Bradley Manning Charged With ‘Aiding Enemy’

News sources are reporting that Bradley E. Manning, who is suspected of leaking thousands of confidential government and military cables to Wikileaks has been charged with “aiding the enemy”. The penalty for this offence can be death or life imprisonment, however it is reported that the prosecutors have indicated they will not be seeking the death penalty.

When the documents were originally released it was reported that Manning, who is homosexual, had done so as a protest at the Armed Forces’ reluctance to repeal the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy relating to homosexual servicemen and women. KSBW News in California reports-

In a written statement detailing the new charges, the Army said that if Manning were convicted of all charges he would face life in prison, plus reduction in rank to the lowest enlisted pay grade, a dishonorable discharge and loss of all pay and allowances. Manning’s supporters were outraged.

“It’s beyond ironic that leaked U.S. State Department cables have contributed to revolution and revolt in dictatorships across the Middle East and North Africa, yet an American may be executed, or at best face life in prison, for being the primary whistleblower,” said Jeff Paterson of Courage to Resist, an Oakland, Calif.-based group that is raising funds for Manning’s defense.

Trial proceedings against Manning have been on hold since July, pending the results of a medical inquiry into Manning’s mental capacity and responsibility. The 23-year-old Oklahoma native is being held in maximum custody and prevention-of-injury watch at the Marine Corps base in Virginia.

I know there is a lot of support out there from anti-government types who think that the release is justified by outcomes that embarrassed those in diplomatic circles. I disagree. I do not believe we can be safe if we make heroes from armed forces personnel who choose to release confidential information as a protest on social issues, and put other personnel at risk. If convicted, this guy needs to go down for a long time.


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  1. As for me Red, I would opt for execution if convicted. Manning did provide aid to the enemy and he did so because he had a bug up his hind end over don’t ask/don’t tell. As a result, he placed the lives of American soldiers at greater risk as well as the lives of Afghan citizens who aided us. The guy is nothing more than scum.


  2. The homosexual friendly government would have probably sought he death penalty if he was a heterosexual.


  3. This case provides a situation that is more complex and nuanced than you make it out to be Red. Quite apart from Manning’s role (certainly not the genius behind the situation), he has acted against the law as it stands. His actions ultimately weakened the US government position, and thereby aided “the enemy”. There can be no doubt about that. Yet, at the same time, the leaked documents clearly disclose that the US government does not abide by the principles upon which it was founded, instead it actively and hugely perverts those principles, while using the (positive) law to hide these egregious breaches.
    The view that Manning caused harm to government positions and thus assists enemies is of course highly utilitarian in nature, i.e. the outcome is what matters, and we don’t want to argue about how we got there. The whole issue of the games and deceit by the government is conveniently shoved under the carpet, while it actually deserves more attention than the question of what is to happen to Manning. People are whipped into a frenzy of faux patriotism and homophobic bigotry in an attempt to turn away the focus from what the leaked documents actually show, namely that the US government is using the powers granted by constituents and the monies extracted from them by force and fraud to engage in utterly despicable machinations that simply cannot stand even the most basic smell tests.
    A government out of control, with its hands deep in the pockets of its people, hiding its nefarious plots and its utter incompetence under a veil of bogus secrecy deserves to be exposed for what it is. Unfortunately, that exposure is costly in money and prestige and (most disconcerting) potentially harmful to those that put themselves in harm’s way to protect the principles that the government should actually stand for.
    The exposure certainly comes at the wrong time, thus suggesting that ominous forces may be behind it. Always remember though, that the true roots of these exposure problems lie in subversive government actions and their cover ups. There would have been no such exposure costs if government had stood for its principles firmly and openly and had had the balls to defend and agress in according to principles rather than reverting to Machiavellian schemes.

    In the end we must ask, what do we stand for?


  4. Does anyone else here have a strong dislike for snivelling sodomites with a chip on their shoulder?!

    Manning is a traitor. All acts of treason should attract the death penalty. End of story.


  5. Does anyone else here have a strong dislike for snivelling sodomites with a chip on their shoulder?!

    Well, there’s no shortage of such types. Craig Ranapia for one !!


  6. “Well, there’s no shortage of such types. Craig Ranapia for one !!”

    I’m sure those bastards are breeding, Angus 😉 – everywhere you look there’s another one.


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