An Excellent Phrase That Correctly Identifies The Gap Between Journalist and Citizen

Andrew Bolt discussing a typically biased pro Malcolm Turnbull article in the Brisbane Courier Mail by so called journalist Dennis Atkins.

In assessing the qualities of Malcolm Turnbull, I do think Dennis Atkins should distinguish between “Left enough to please journalists” and “good enough to please voters”:

Nails the problem so accurately. That is why we do not like newspapers journalist or editors. Because there is a yawning gap between the views of the man in the street and those of the left wing dominated mainstream media, and the mainstream media will not acknowledge that gap.

Worse they project totally off-putting arrogance and condescension towards anyone who disagrees with them. Worse again, they ignore the public’s need for objective reporting and deliberately tailor stories to try and sway them to the left.

Never mind, they’re going down fast. Its only a matter of time and the left will have lost their stinking deceitful propaganda division for all time.

Then, without they’re influential media friends, we will finally see how popular their policies really are. After they’re gone from the media, we need to get them the hell out of the education system and far away from our kids. That will see their complete demise, for their very need to indoctrinate kids is proof that their views and ideas cannot stand the rigour of adult argument. Even they know that.

Andrew Bolt.