Message To Media Propagandists- This Cannot be Described as a “Death Threat”

Tony Windsor is an Australian Independent politician whose alliance with Julia Gillard allowed her and Bob Brown to win the last election. Windsor is now expected to support Julia Gillard in her proposal to introduce a carbon tax. The socialist Gillard lied before the election, inducing many people to vote for her who otherwise would have not done so when she said “there will be no carbon tax under any government I lead”.

Her intention to do just what she stated she would not has angered many citizens, especially those in the electorates of the independents who might support Gillard. Tony Windsor claimed the anger was so great he was receiving “death threats”. When asked for evidence of this claim, Windsor presented the message below, left on the answering machine at his electoral office. The mainstream media went ahead and dutifully presented the message as evidence of death threats. The statement is reproduced once again today in a NZ Herald article by Greg Ansley. The headline is “MP gets death threats over carbon plans”. Here’s the subject statement-

Windsor has also received death threats, with one message saying: “You’re a f***ing liar, a dog, a rat, a big f***ing MP dog … and you wait you’re not going to get voted in again. I hope you die, you bastard.”

It is not a death threat. Anyone with a basic understanding of English should recognise this. Including Tony Windsor, Greg Ansley and the editor of the NZ Herald. A death threat has to include the promise to kill someone. To take action that will lead to death. The message does not meet this simple criterion, and that the mainstream media would so widely report it as a death threat is more proof of the penetration and control of that institute by people who are merely left wing political activists posing as journalists. Just more of the disgracefully low standard of reporting that characterises the mainstream media since they fell under the control of the left.

10 thoughts on “Message To Media Propagandists- This Cannot be Described as a “Death Threat”

  1. You’re an expat Australian aren’t you Mr Piesse? Same as Fugley, Billy Borker & MyNameIsJack . . curious. For fuck sake man, Farrar had you listed as all the same entity on his demerits list.

    Just go away Mr Paul Egerton Piesse (of dog shit) A delusional union tough guy wannabe who bears an unfortunate resemblance to Papa Smurf.


  2. Red, you are 100% correct. There is not even an implicit threat of bodily harm let alone a death threat. I have had worse threats left on my answerphone for letters I have had published in the Herald of comments I have made on talkback before blogs took off.

    More lies by the MSM.


  3. The MSM never learn, they think they are intellectuals and truth and light flows from their musings. These bullshit artists believe the great unwashed are as thick as dog shit and will willingly swallow their swill, they are fools. In reality the MSM are the fools they blindly follow a path that none of them have the balls to question i.e the whole carbon ponzi scheme , AGW con.


  4. Has there ever been an attempt to start a right wing radio station in NZ..?

    Could get the feed from the US station Limbaugh is on overnight for 8 hours and have 4 x 4 hour hosts during the day… Surely Whale Oil could run it, might even make some money…


  5. “For a politician, some words are not as carefully chosen as they might be. In talking of earthquake predictions from “moon man” Ken Ring, she suggests sticking a beer bottle in him in a way once made infamous by Labour colleague Trevor Mallard. “And then break it,” she adds.”

    The above quote from Lianne Dalziel.

    It would be accurate if the Herald stated that Dalziel was inciting violence against a member of the public. You can be sure if an ACT member said something similar they would be saying that.


  6. Dalzeil was forced to resign for lying right? Why is this communist even presuming to a further political career. She shouldn’t be within a light year of our Parliament.


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