General Debate 06/03/11

“nothing less than democracy, fundamental rights, and freedom are at stake”

So say the Unions fighting to maintain their pensions and benefits and the power to bargain collectively with the politicians they elect, except when they lose and someone like Scott Walker gets elected in Wisconsin. Now Governor Walker wants to put an end to the state worker’s unions’ power to bargain collectively. Of course he is right. How can it be right that unions take money from Wisconsin’s taxpayers, use it to make donations to the Democrat Party, and when the Democrat candidate wins, they then sit at the table with him in the State offices and negotiate their wages pensions and benefits? How is that legitimate?

But I digress. The argument I wanted to address was the abuse of the word “right”. There is no “right” to collective bargaining. There is an agreement. There is a power to negotiate. This “rights” business is left wing propaganda. Designed to provoke a sense of outrage at any suggestion it may be taken away.

As in polling, when somebody might ask- “Should Governor Walker take away the right of the Unions to Collective Bargaining?” Most unsuspecting people would answer no, because they’re sucked in by the false concept of “rights”.

If the question was put differently, say as “Should Governor Walker refuse to enter into Collective Bargaining with State Unions?” the response would be quite different. Public sector unions have no “fundamental right” to collective bargaining and to claim they have is just Stalinist propaganda and a psychological ploy.

4 thoughts on “General Debate 06/03/11

  1. I disagree Sinner. Holland wouldn’t have turned the guns on fellow kiwis.

    The scum who are causing the trouble are all sucking on the public teat. So turn off the milk. Stop paying them to foment sedition. Fire a few of the ring-leaders and the rest will disappear. Even if the Courts subsequently determine the firings to have been illegal and force the State to reinstate them, the ‘protest’ will have long since dissipated. From what I’ve seen (which I admit is little), most of the people demonstrating are just sheeple doing what they’ve been told by their union masters. Get rid of the union masters and the rest will disappear.


  2. That’s right too Gantt. Without access to other people’s money, the left cannot exist. Most of the money that underpins the left political movement comes by way of money rorted from the taxpayer and channeled to the left by all kinds of devious means.


  3. Sinner, I stand corrected. The waterfront strike was about 2 decades before my time and I confess my knowledge of the Holland and Holyoake years is pretty thin. I will, as a result of your history lesson, take it upon myself to read Gustafson’s bio of Holland to educate myself further.

    FYI, I did my schooling at state schools, except for 2 years at St Kentigern’s in Remuera.


  4. Don’t apologise to Sinner Gantt, he’s been on this blog for months now calling for the murder of Communists, Socialists and anyone he doesn’t deem right wing enough (which includes people like me I might add), there is a name for people who want to murder hundreds of millions of people around the world… He completely fails to grasp that Conservatism is about many things but chief amongst them is morality and by failing to grasp this and make his outlandish calls he tarnishes all of us…


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