Obama Administration’s ( P J Crowley) Cowardice Over US Airmen Shot in Frankfurt

Der Speigel Reports-

Arid U., who has confessed to the Wednesday shooting of two US airmen at the Frankfurt airport, was an unfriendly loner, say his neighbors. But his list of Facebook friends indicate that the 21-year-old had several contacts with radical Islamists. Indications are mounting that the assault on a bus carrying US soldiers at the Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday afternoon was an Islamist terror attack.

The alleged perpetrator, Arid U., who admitted on Thursday to having carried out the attack, appears to have had extensive contact with radical Islamists via his Facebook page. SPIEGEL ONLINE has also learned that the shooting, which killed two American airmen and injured two others, possibly came after the gunman, identified as Arid U., was unable to leave Germany and travel to Afghanistan. Instead, the 21-year-old airport employee opted to attack US troops in Germany, according to a jihadist website. No proof for the assertion is offered, but the jihadists claim to have been in contact with acquaintances of Arid U. Link.

Obama said this- “I want everybody to understand that we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place and in working with German authorities to ensure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice.” So weak. Worse still, watch the (30 second) video of the Phillip Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, weasel around the issue of whether this was an Islamic terrorist attack or not. Just utterly disgusting.

3 thoughts on “Obama Administration’s ( P J Crowley) Cowardice Over US Airmen Shot in Frankfurt

  1. For fuck sake, the guy shouted Allahu akbah. What does it take ?

    A decade on, Kosovo is a sorta sovereign state, and in Frankfurt a young airport employee is so grateful for what America did for his people that he guns down U.S. servicemen while yelling “Allahu akbar!” The strange shrunken spectator who serves as president of the United States, offering what he called “a few words about the tragic event that took place,” announced that he was “saddened,” and expressed his “gratitude for the service of those who were lost” and would “spare no effort” to “work with the German authorities” but it was a “stark reminder” of the “extraordinary sacrifices that our men and women in uniform are making …”



  2. … the guy shouted Allahu akbah. What does it take ?

    I think if the guy claimed to be the long awaited Islamic Mahdi it would still not convince the nay-sayers. These people really are wilfully ignorant of the methods and intentions of Islam!


  3. Clinton worked hard to create a new Muslim state in Europe. Bombed hell out of old European allies, the Serbs to do it.

    Here’s the payback from the Muslim Kosovars.

    Islam has been an intractable enemy of the west since it’s inception. When will “post modernists” learn this fundamental fact of history.


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