Taniwha! Environmental Protection Authority To Have Maori Advisory Committe

Nick Smith announced today that he had appointed a four-strong Establishment Board tasked with ensuring the new Environmental Protection Authority is ready for business on 1 July. The idea of this authority is that it will centralise regulation on environmental issues. Previously this task had no central body and was carried out across numerous other Govt. Depts. Smith claims the new EPA will be more efficient. Let’s hope it will. It’s not looking too good so far though, with the announcement that the EPA will have a “Māori Advisory Committee”.

Why? What the hell for? What does this mean, that every government body set up to deal with issues that effect all NZers has to have a damn “Maori Advisory Committee”? How does that enhance efficiency? Why can’t the EPA just do their job and ensure the regulation of environmental issues is done in a responsible and cost effective manner, and to achieve these simple objectives, why would there be any need for a separate “Maori Advisory Committee?

This is just Key sucking up to separatists again and demonstrating what a racist he really is. And he’d receive the full backing on this from Smith who never missed a chance to make life more expensive and difficult for taxpayers, or waste their money on environmental scams. Now Key and Smith are prepared to make unnecessary distinctions on race just to gain the political friendship of a group of race based thugs that should not exist in the parliament of any socially cohesive civilised country.

There is no real need for any separate cultural or racial advice in matters of the environment, and if Smith thinks his new board should be influenced by such loony tune stuff as Taniwhas, its another reason why in terms of the kind of people we need running our government, he is one of the worst possible choices out there.

The thing is, there has been so called Maori input on these issue through various channels before, but wouldn’t you think a truly free enterprise non racist party, when setting up a new and fresh authority, would have taken the opportunity to do away with this racist separatist bullshit rather than encourage more of it??? Not National. Not John Key. Not Nick Smith. No balls. No integrity. Weak compromisers. Just as bad as the last lot.

Link to press release.

7 thoughts on “Taniwha! Environmental Protection Authority To Have Maori Advisory Committe

  1. Most taniwha can be appeased by the sacred ritual of the cheque book and of course everyone knows that Maoris have more care for and understanding of the environment……just ask the moas,if you can find one.


  2. Indeed: as a vampire can be warded off or banished by a crucifix, Holy water or garlic, likewise, the Taniwha can be vanquished by the flashing of an open chequebook.

    Clearly, the National Party beltway and Northern Club establishment believe that they can cement themselves into power for an interminably long period by pandering to this sort of thing.


  3. Y’know one day I am going to do a post on how all of these special accommodations are a breach of the Treaty, in that the whole idea of that document was to unite the country and bring the Maori Tribes under the jurisdiction of English based NZ law. To then set up separate entities based upon Maori race characteristics is a breach of the intent of the Treaty- blind justice and one law for all being the basis of that English/NZ legal system and system of government, and that is what the Maori tribes signed up to.


  4. Yeah Red…………….but that way doesn’t bring them enourmous wealth. I think they are just plain greedy, wanting everything for nothing, and the treaty is used as an excuse to get it. The problem is ours ……….. we let them get away with it.


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  6. “in that the whole idea of that document was to unite the country ‘

    I was shocked when I went to observe a few of the select committee hearings on the Marine and Coastal Area Bill. A high proportion of “non maori new zealanders” told the committee they wanted NZ to be one people and one country. Not ONE of the iwi submitters said that. Not one. Why? Because they want separatism, plain and simple. This is an uphill battle and I think we are going to lose it.


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