Key and English Still Fiddling While Rome Burns

Bill English issues another press release today which is notable for saying nothing. Meanwhile, we fall further and further into debt in order to fund highly over paid and unnecessary government. Bill needs to wake up to the fact that having people working for government departments that do not add to productivity (practically all of them) is the same as having people on the dole. The productive sector is the only part of the NZ economy that can return us to prosperity but it cannot do that if it is shackled by a legion on non productive NZers. NewstalkZB reports-

New Zealand is more than $14 billion worse off than it was at the same time last year. The Crown account books show gross debt for the seven months ending January stood at $63 billion, or 33% of the country’s worth. The cost of servicing the debt was $1.7 billion, $400 million more than the same period a year earlier. These figures are before the devastating Christchurch earthquake and the next set of accounts is expected to show a much worse situation.

Soon that debt servicing will be around $2 billion, and not long after that it will be $3 billion, and then $4 billion. Given that there are probably less than 1 million productive workers in NZ, you don’t have to be a genius to work out that we are facing bankruptcy. NZers have to start picking fruit, producing goods in factories and otherwise making things. Taxes have to be reduced and government departments have to be cut and salaries in those that remain reduced substantially. The Department of Womens Affairs, The Human Rights Commission (for two examples) and all such stupid insane unaffordable socialist inanities have to go.

This has to be done not only to stave off coming bankruptcy but also to pay for the Christchurch earthquake. (and on that subject can we stop using GDP as a measure of an effective economy??? This is the biggest con out and only designed to trick people into thinking socialism works.) NZers pay a high price to keep an army of unproductive NZers in a style that is unaffordable, and the longer Key and English refuse to deal with this problem, the worse things are going to get.

At the every least they could cut the taxes on fuel. This is the life blood of our economy and to take more than half of every dollar spent on this commodity and use it unproductively is madness.

Of course the big problem is National’s political confusion and lack of commitment to a political idea. They might even know what needs to be done, but they cannot put a saleable argument into words because they lack the conviction. They don’t believe in the solutions because they are all at heart the socialists that Sid Holland way back in 1936 warned us would destroy the country. Bad global financial situations and earthquakes are not to blame. They’ve only made the descent a bit steeper. The National Party is to blame, for so completely failing to stand by its founding principles.

7 thoughts on “Key and English Still Fiddling While Rome Burns

  1. “… is notable for saying nothing”

    And the merchant banker will utter some equally useless nothings at football photo-ops around the time he needs a vote to placate the sheeple to retain control. All whilst the descent into penury continues at breakneck pace. A sharp drop in NZ’s S&P rating prior to the election might jolt the losers into firm actions and a return to core principles. But then on those empty utterances, like Oz has found out about Ju-Liar, would you trust National? Never, ever again in my case.


  2. No Sinner. I get that. I am talking about what National must start doing, and that is shift the non-productive into productive areas of the economy. It could just stop everything as you suggest, but there will be nowhere for them to go. Every public servant who moves into a productive job saves us three times what was being spent on him/ her in the past. 1) He’s productive. 2) He’s paying tax. 3) He’s not using tax.

    But there is another important benefit and that is that he creates other jobs in the private sector. So other non productive workers can move into that job and then duplicate the economic equation and also create more private sector jobs. Sure, its long and arduous task, but it accelarates once it is under way.

    THERE IS NOTHING STOPPING NATIONAL FROM DOING THIS RIGHT NOW OTHER THAN FEAR OF THE ELECTORATE. A fear they could overcome if they did it right. They cannot do it right because they’re fuckwits. They should at the very least start on this. The rest of it, the bigger stuff comes later, and as you say is probably inevitable, but it can be done without a major social collapse if they move now.

    The point is that Key and English are doing NOTHING.


  3. Laurel and Hardy would do better thatn this two middle-aged clowns.
    NZ is really fucked with these leaders.


  4. Couldn,t agree more.
    The whole balance of NZ’s economy needs a quantum shift back to the productive sector.

    It is astonishing how things have changed and how the Nats fail to see what is happening.
    Fiddling indeed.
    Lost a colleague in the productive sector this week.Screwed once too often even though with help there were alternatives.The underlying ,ongoing pressures of interest,dollar value and ever increasing costs ,just too much.
    Now another good producer gone!
    Sorry feeling a little sad today.


  5. I agree with the two examples. I would like to aid the NZ AIDS Foundation to the list. It is not a government department but it is nearly all government funded. It is also a lobby group. Read this from Stuff.

    Soaring HIV rates concern

    This year could be the worst on record for ga…y and bisexual men contracting HIV, the New Zealand Aids Foundation says.

    Though there has been a sharp decline in numbers of heterosexual people diagnosed with HIV, NZAF says it still has grave concerns for gay or bisexual men.

    When will the NZ AIDS Foundation realise the best way not to become HIV+ is not to have sex with someone who is likely to be HIV+ condom or no condom?

    The AIDS Foundation refuses to accept the obvious fact that the main reason for the high rate of HIV amongst homosexuals is because they have many sexual partners and many of those a casual.


  6. It seems the politicians are determined to wait till we have the IMF knocking on the door again, when we have to hope we have people in power as principled as Douglas and Richardson again… Methinks lightning won’t strike twice and all the producers will be over the ditch, we might actually witness NZ becoming the first country to leave 1st world status…


  7. the main reason for the high rate of HIV amongst homosexuals is because they have many sexual partners and many of those a casual.

    Careful Chuck. That sort of talk is verboten.

    Homosexual sociologist David McWhirter conducted a study of homosexual men and found:

    Most homosexual sex is performed with strangers. 70% admitting to having sex only once with over half of their partners. The average homosexual has had 300 to 500 partners during a lifetime. 28% have performed sodomy on over 1000 partners. Only 2% have had monogamous relationships, and those are defined as lasting anywhere between 9 and 60 months.

    It’s also forbidden to suggest that core homosexuality is one, perhaps two percent of the population but anywhere between 20 and 33% of child sexual abuse cases is homosexual in nature. (pedophilia is all about POWER they say, not sexual preferences. Yeah right)

    In a still-deepening scandal, a Christian GP, Hans-Christian Raabe, was sacked from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. His crime? To have co-authored a document which claimed that 25 per cent of paedophiles were homosexual.

    It was bad enough that Dr Raabe was bundled off the Advisory Council because he was demonised for views which bore no relation whatever to his ability as a drug policy-maker.

    But now we learn the astounding fact that the very same Home Office that sacked him had itself published data saying precisely the same thing.

    In a report it published in 1998, it had referred to research which ‘suggested reasonably that approximately 20 to 33 per cent of child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature’.


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