Pauline Hanson Returns To Politics

Last we heard from Pauline she was quitting politics and moving to the UK. When she got there, she didn’t like it much and found it “full of immigrants and refugees.” So she came back. Ms Hanson told The Daily Telegraph she is standing in the March 26 poll as part of a group of 16 independents.

“Look, I have put in my nomination today,” she said. “I’m running in a group and as an independent. That’s all I’d like to say. At this time I have nominated. “I have put myself up there. I will be talking about the issues that are very important to me and the people of NSW.” Asked where she was now living in NSW, Ms Hanson hung up.

The State Electoral Commission confirmed her nomination and said she had nominated as part of a group of 16 running for the Upper House, which allowed her to run above the line on the ballot paper. A commission spokesman said all Ms Hanson needed to be eligible to run was to be enrolled on the NSW electoral roll. Ms Hanson’s last foray into politics was at the Queensland elections in 2009 where she gained 21 per cent of the vote in the seat of Beaudesert.


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  1. hey nemesis (if you’re out there) this isn’t a loaded question or anything i’m genuinely curious … What is the app’s position on hanson? The libs and labs hate her with a passion and I imagine she makes prime minister brown and the watermelon’ heads explode..


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