Wisconsin- Call The National Guard Out On These Bolshevik Thugs

Latest report from FOX news says leftists are panning to invade the Capitol building debating chamber to halt final passage of the bill to prevent state employees collective bargaining. Its time the Wisconsin government stopped playing softball with these anti-democratic communist thugs and called out the National Guard. In particular, any police refusing to do their duty should have their employment immediately terminated.

“Republican leadership was considering calling in SWAT teams or the National Guard. Plans have been set. We have almost completely lost control of the capitol building. Protesters now control the first and second floors and are amassing outside the governor’s office. The third and fourth floors are under control but we’re not sure what side our security is on. Law enforcement is leaking evacuation plans to the protesters. An official tried to evacuate through a secret underground tunnel and was turned back by protesters.

No one is safe. Protesters have broken down doors, broken windows, Democrats are helping them into the building and they’re building momentum. They’re robo-calling like crazy, trying to pack as many people into the capitol so the Assembly can’t vote today. Right now there’s no way the Assembly can vote…we can’t secure the Assembly and we can’t protect our legislators. If the protesters fill up the capitol all the way, the governor would have to declare a state of emergency and hold a vote off site.”

UPDATE: Sources say: “Police control the lobby to the Assembly Chambers and they think they are in a position to take back control of the Assembly Chambers. However, right now all they control is the lobby.”

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin- Call The National Guard Out On These Bolshevik Thugs

  1. Unbelievable on the one hand, to be expected on the other. Let’s hope the Wisconsin legislators have the balls to go through with this and expose the Stalinists for what they are.


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  4. Are you saying the politicians should start gunning down the crowds, Sinner? Rather too extreme a measure for my tastes, I’m afraid.


  5. National Guard. We’ve already seen how the cops behave in vids already. They are siding with their fellow unionists.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. To reign in public spending one of the necessary steps it ban public workers unionising.


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