Separatists, Not Nationalists

This statement caught my attention on Keywiblog today-

“I never thought Hone would want to lead a non Maori party. Maori nationalism is what he is all about.”

Now, I don’t know if Davey Farrar is trying to do propaganda for National here or not, but “Nationalism” is in my mind a pretty soft word for what Hone Harawira is about. It is though a much better word for Hone and the Maori party and John Key than separatism, which is what Hone and The Maori Party are really pursuing.

Euphemisms are all the go in politics these days, but I reckon its long past time we got real about the Maori Party and Hone. They’re separatists before they’re nationalists. Nationalism would be a strong regard for NZ as a whole. That’s not Hone’s bag. He and the Maori party choke on bile every time they have to call it New Zealand, preferring the made up title “Aotearoa”. They even operate under a separate flag.

Plenty of people have recognised the Maori Party as separatist, including Maoris themselves, such as Dover Samuels, Winston Peters and John Tamihere.

The real disgrace here is the National Party under John Key sucking up to these reprobates. Calling them Nationalists won’t save the Nats from the ire of the many people who have had it up to here with their spineless supplication to this group of racists and separatists.

A Maori sovereignty flag could be flying over Parliament and the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Waitangi Day 2010 if iwi can agree on which one and could explain its meaning, Prime Minister John Key says.

There is no such thing as Maori Sovereignty Mr. Key, and there never should be. That you and your party have sought an unnecessary alliance with this group of separatists is something that will not be forgotten at the ballot box in November. You might have fooled us the first time, but we know well enough now what you are, and it will be very different this time around.

5 thoughts on “Separatists, Not Nationalists

  1. homer harawira is an asshole , just like his mother tityfai.. It was unacceptable for key to lie down with these fleabags. They are filth , racists , separatists..complete dirtbags.
    I wont forget come election day.


  2. John Hatfield’s rage is getting him consigned to where he belongs – the political dustbin…

    John’s rage is like a bomb, because it is really rage at himself but he can’t face the reality of dealing with that so it fires off in all directions…


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