More Marxist Rubbish From National’s Hekia Parata

Disappointing to see even more evidence of the National Party’s subservience to cultural Marxism in Hekia Parata’s latest press release. She’s on the women’s “equality” bandwagon and putting so many arguments out there (about “unfair” treatment) that have long ago been so widely discredited I have to think Hekia must have been living in a cave for a decade or two. She’s also apparently suffering from the usual Progressive blindness in terms of the unintended consequences of women’s increasing tendency to work rather than to give birth and care for their children.

“The single largest contribution to New Zealand’s improved productivity in the past 30 years has come from women’s increased labour market participation,

I don’t really know how she would quantify that, but the real issue is what about the damn social effects Hekia? And just do some damn research will you? You will find there are plenty of good reasons for women earning less than men, and not getting promoted as fast as men, and none of them have anything at all to do with “unfairness”. Its because being women, they have an entirely different set of values and priorities to men, which do not allow women to dedicate themselves to their work and career the way a man does. It is that simple.

“Similarly, we are not making enough of women’s leadership skills and experience. For instance, 57 of the top 100 publicly listed companies do not have a single woman on their boards, despite evidence that companies with women on boards tend to be significantly more profitable than those with few or no women.’’

Having women on boards automatically makes companies more profitable? What insulting patronising rubbish. If a company’s board can take any reward for the success of a company, its because of that board’s business acumen and talent, and nothing to do with what their damn gender makeup is.

Hekia Parata is the wrong damn candidate, she should never have been selected, and with values that suggest a strong belief in cultural Marxism, she should be in the damn Labour party not weakening the resolve of National. And please, can someone stop her producing this blatant Marxist propaganda and claiming it as factual? Doesn’t anyone in National have the ability to detect this as rubbish and stop it getting out there? How hopeless does someone have to be at National before something is done about it?

6 thoughts on “More Marxist Rubbish From National’s Hekia Parata

  1. Where to begin deconstructing this effing garbage?
    ““Similarly, we are not making enough of women’s leadership skills and experience. ” HUH? What bloody experience? I’ve yet to meet a competent female manager, never mind a leader.
    Am I the only person to experience that sinking feeling when I need to buy something of a more technical nature than a tea-towel and find the person serving is a woman? And how many times, O Lord, do I have to ask the bimbo on the end of the ‘phone to go and find somebody who knows what he’s talking about?
    I’m old enough to remember when entire (feminised) HR Departments were run by a Personnel Manager and few typists and clerks–and they were a bloody sight more efficient. It now takes an army of hopelessly disorganised wimmin to fuck things up, royally.
    The participation of women in business is a disaster– babbling hordes of incompetents who confuse talking and thinking, who think that getting together and saying the same thing to each other in fifty different ways represents a “productive meeting”.
    I can’t even be bothered any more about making the usual disclaimer about there being many fine and efficient women etc etc etc….I meet so few they must be outliers.
    Sitting around the campfire gossiping and making mealie porridge while they minded the kids worked perfectly well–and evolution didn’t equip ’em for much else.


  2. What’s funny about this is that I reckon there must be a hotline between Wellington and Canberra to decide the agenda. The number of times the fools in one town follow the memes of the fools in the other is astounding.

    Pinko Joe Hockey was on Q&A less than a week ago saying that under the Coalition large companies that don’t voluntarily appoint a (non-stated) percentage of wimmin to their Boards would be forced to do so by regulation!!!!!

    Cultural Marxism is so appropriate a term.


  3. It was woman’s week or day or some damn thing last week. Apparently they need one. Y’know, it long past time that we started to question the use of the term “equality” as justification for every damn lunatic social engineering idea out here. In most cases, the logic behind it is zero.


  4. ssshh,soon prorata will be advocating 50:50 makeup of male/female on councils and as MP’s.
    It’s bad enough now!


  5. My business believes in gender equality – so I let my female staff work a few hours longer each day so that they can ean as much as the blokes do!


  6. The thing is they are taking money from working families to fund this baseless clapped out propaganda and lies. Disgraceful, and National need their arses kicked for condoning such blatant abuse of government services. That whole department should be abolished and Hekia Parata fired on the basis of this utterly delusional press release. Just utter lies and propaganda, and as bad as anything Labour does.


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