Bank Suspends Worker For Taunting Protestors

Y’know how offensive many of these protestors can be in the UK, with their socialist/ communist signs and their contempt for democracy and capitalism and freedom. Apparently the freedom to offensive protest only swings one way. As the protesters passed his office balcony, a bank employee waved a 10 pound note at them and mouthed the words -“Get a job”.

The chairman of the Medical Practitioners’ Union told the Mirror, “It was shocking to see people acting in this way when we passed the bank. If it wasn’t for the greed of bankers, the economy wouldn’t be in such a mess, and there’s a good chance the NHS wouldn’t have to be making such devastating cuts.”

So they got the TV footage and tracked him down, and the note waver has been suspended from his job.

A spokesperson for Deutsche Bank said, “These photos appear to show conduct that is unacceptable and unrepresentative of our bank. We are looking into the matter, have suspended the individual involved, and will hold him accountable for his actions.”

As well as exposing the totalitarian style of the left, this incident also shows you the mentality of a bank management that is apparently too gutless to stand up to this soviet style intimidation. I hope the left succeed in their mission to strangle these spineless Deutsche Bank collaborators. They deserve no support from defenders of free enterprise.


4 thoughts on “Bank Suspends Worker For Taunting Protestors

  1. They deserve being pissed on RB, but I wouldn’t exactly call them gutless.

    The Corporatists are mostly playing at being gutless in my view. We are in a vise RB. To defeat the jaws of such double teaming, individuals gotta be thinking — literally — outside the box.


  2. Yep, that door sure only spins one way!
    And this highlights exactly why many of us who blog do so with pseudonyms.

    Gutless private organisations kowtowing to Marxist dictates need to wake up and realise that they are ultimately making a noose for their own neck. Those who don’t stand against this BS are destined to become slaves to it.


  3. The UK is completely fucked by PC bullshit. It is being destroyed from inside and Cameron seems powerless to roll it back, for all his trying.

    That is what makes US politics so fascinating- the last country remaining on eath IMO where people are still willing to fight for freedom,


  4. “That is what makes US politics so fascinating- the last country remaining on eath IMO where people are still willing to fight for freedom,”

    That’s right too Nick. What’s happening in the States is critical worldwide as far as freedom goes. However, the other day I watched a street interview where people (in the US) were being asked their views on events in Wisconsin. About 80% had no idea what was happening there.


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