Protester Who Questioned Obama’s Eligibility Faces Prosecution

I guess most readers here would be familiar with the protests of crypto Marxist groups like Code Pink who have frequently upset any number of official government ceremonies in the US House of Representatives but apparently remain immune to arrest. Not so the protester Theresa Cao who questioned Obama’s eligibility during the reading of the Constitution when the House was opened this year. As Rep. Frank Pallone read the Constitutional requirements for a United States president, Theresa called out from the gallery, “Except Obama, except Obama”.

She was arrested on the spot and made to appear in court for her protest where she was told by her court appointed attorney to accept a plea bargain. She was asked in a recent interview-

Considering the fact that Marxist Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan have disrupted the US House of Representatives on multiple occasions, with only escorts out of the building, how shocked were you that you seemed to be targeted and singled out for arrest?

Theresa replied that she had asked her court appointed defender to research this aspect of the case, and use the facts in her defence, but the defender had refused and directed her to accept a plea bargain by pleading guilty to a charge of “unlawful conduct”. Theresa says her attorney stated in both instances that these plea deals would not implicate her case as “Guilty” but would be considered “Not Guilty”, however it would include 40 hours of community service, and 6-9-12 months of probation, with a promise of “Good Behavior.” She would not be able to speak about her Constitutional rights.

Therea has rejected the offer, and is currently searching for a new attorney who will defend her vigorously using her first amendment rights and the issue of Obama’s Constitutional ineligibility. Good luck in that quest Theresa. You’ll need it.


9 thoughts on “Protester Who Questioned Obama’s Eligibility Faces Prosecution

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  2. Why wasn’t she given the opportunity to apologize as was the republican congressman who yelled out ‘you lie’ to Obama during his congressional speech?

    Remove the offender from the chamber by all means, but to have her charged for ‘unlawful conduct’ is beyond the pale. I sincerely wish she find a good and honest lawyer who will pull out all stops to defend her honor!


  3. Also from your link, Red:

    “Pamela and Will Gaston have paid a very high price (which Pamela paid with her life, while serving prison time), paving the way, to teach us how to defend ourselves without the corrupted attorneys who supposedly are on our side; the entire judicial system is pursuing enacting Shariah law in place of the Constitution of the U.S., which is current news as of two weeks ago. And since December 2008, the Treasury Department of the U.S. has taught Shariah Law 101 and installed Shariah Laws into our Constitutional system.”

    Soon Muslims in the States will have more legal rights than natural born citizens. Thanks to Barry Hussein Soetoro and his czars.


  4. Yeah I did see that Kris, and might have included it except it seemed to be getting a bit away from the topic. I wonder what substantiation she has for these claims. Would be interesting to know the facts.


  5. It certainly has a ring of truth to it, Red. If accurate I can’t see it taking too long to be confirmed in the conservative blogosphere.


  6. PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT AND PASS IT ON: in 2008, Obama co-authored S.R. 511 defining Presidential eligibility- not only born on native soil, but where BOTH PRENTS are US citizens. The DNC altered every certificate of nomination to omit declaring him eligible (except Hawaii’s, where the signatures get shaky) and April 3, 2009 the Congressional Research Service ADMITTED he was never vetted! Looks like she was right, and many there knew it.


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