Survey Shows Web News Fast Gaining Ground Over Traditional Sources

The left destroy everything they get control of, and as it is their intent to one day control everything, and then destroy it, then our objective must be to stop the left getting any more control, and take back the things they control now and that they are busy destroying. One of these things is the mainstream media. The left have controlled it for decades now, and they have destroyed it. As a result, more and more people are turning away from the mainstream media and to sources like the internet.

A new Nielsen Media Research Pew Research Center poll in the US shows that 41% of people now get their news from the internet, up 17% from last year. Audiences for almost every network news program fell again in 2010. Evening news audiences fell by 752,000 viewers, or 3.4%, from 2009 and have been on a downward trend for three decades.

Print circulation also continued to decline in 2010. Weekday circulation fell 5% and Sunday fell 4.5% year-to-year for the six-month period ending September 30. Circulation for the six news magazines in the report fell 8.9%.

What do you think it will take for editors and managers to wake up to the fact that people are fed up to the back teeth with having their news filtered and doctored by the greater majority of left wingers working in the industry? The internet is the one news medium not fully controlled by the left (although they’re working on it) and its booming. Keep up the good work bloggers and commenters, we’ve got the bastards on the run.


3 thoughts on “Survey Shows Web News Fast Gaining Ground Over Traditional Sources

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  2. And the MSM response will be to dumb down their content and presentation even further (if that was possible) in a desperate attempt to retain or regain viewers/readers that just aren’t there.


  3. Or else we’ll have the likes of Obama using his “internet kill switch” to filter out “non-approved” information sources.

    These traitors to Western civilisation will not tolerate (especially) the conservative voice which preaches morality and accountablity, and opposes everything the Marxist Left stand for. I often wonder how long it will be ’til we are forced to turn our words into actions; to have to physically stand against Marxist thuggery?! Civil war can’t be far off …


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