Cultural Marxism Must Be Defeated- Midsomer Murders Producer Suspended For Unpopular Opinion

Not watching much TV these days, I’ve only got a vague recollection of the program Midsomer Murders, but if I remember correctly, its a very English murder mystery set in some little village (Midsomer) somewhere. The Guardian reports that the shows producer, Brian True-May, has been suspended pending an inquiry after politically incorrect remarks he made during an interview with Radio Times.

Now, that the guy has been suspended is bad enough, and even worse that he’s facing an inquiry. What contemptible Stalinist rubbish. What I found most offensive though was the language and the absolutely hysterical over the top reaction to what Mr. True-May said. Honestly, there’s a case for saying these people are evil, but there is an even better case for saying they’re insane.

Brian True-May, the co-creator of the show which began on ITV in 1997, said the series “wouldn’t work” if there was any racial diversity portrayed in the sleepy village life of the fictional county of Midsomer. We just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them,” True-May said in an interview with the Radio Times. “It just wouldn’t work. Suddenly we might be in Slough … We’re the last bastion of Englishness and I want to keep it that way.” Perhaps anticipating criticism of his comments, True-May admitted: “Maybe I’m not politically correct … I’m trying to make something that appeals to a certain audience, which seems to succeed. And I don’t want to change it.”

Now the reaction. You’d think Mr. True-May had committed a murder himself.

An ITV spokesman said: “We are shocked and appalled at these personal comments by Brian True-May which are absolutely not shared by anyone at ITV. “We are in urgent discussions with All3Media, the producer of Midsomer Murders, who have informed us that they have launched an immediate investigation into the matter and have suspended Mr True-May pending the outcome.”

The race equality thinktank the Runnymede Trust said True-May’s comments were out of date and no longer reflected English society. “Clearly, as a fictional work, the producers of Midsomer Murders are entitled to their flights of fancy, but to claim that the English village is purely white is no longer true and not a fair reflection of our society, particularly to this show’s large international audience,” said the trust’s director Rob Berkeley. “It is not a major surprise that ethnic minority people choose not to watch a show that excludes them.”

As my good friend Crusader Rabbit so often proclaims, the United Kingdom has been destroyed from within, and thanks to a totally dysfunctional education system, is lost to traitors and ignorant jack booted cultural Marxists who know nothing of that country’s long tradition of respect for freedom and even eccentricity. I’m afraid it can only end in violence.


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  1. I have never heard such rubbish in my (longish) life – I have read the interview in Radio Times and how it could possibly provoke such an outpouring of intolerance and, yes, suppressed hate, I just do not know. Midsomer and Mr. True May are one and the same and without one the other does not deserve to survive – certainly not in a situation brought about by such violent reaction to innocuous remarks.


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  3. But Red it can’t be right to say the multi-culti experiment doesn’t extend to English villages. When my daughter was younger she watched a program called Postman Pat. Pat is the Royal Mail delivery-bloke in a village called Greendale. There is also an Indian family there, and the father drives the train while the mother runs the local dairy. (Nothing stereotypical there). Anyways, the Beeb wouldn’t use children’s TV to advance their multi-culti, leftist agenda would they?


  4. Midsommers is very racist.
    It depicts murders committed in overwhelming numbers by members of the white race.
    To properly represent today’s England the author needs to show alot more black knife wielding robbers, Asian (Pakistani) suicide bombers and thieving Irish “gypsies”.
    Real multiculturalism.


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