Rough Cost Benefit Analysis Of Climate Change Taxes/ Schemes Finally Available

WND reports that

New calculations applied to a U.S. Senate report reveal the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to combat global warming through regulation of greenhouse gases would theoretically take over $US700 trillion, seven times the world’s gross production, to drop the earth’s temperature only 1 degree Celsius.

This is the rate calculated for the US. Australia’s GDP is about 8% of the US, so its costs would be about $US56 Trillion. New Zealand’s GDP is about 1% of the US. This means the cost for NZ would be about $US7 trillion.

$700 trillion, if you need it visually, is roughly a stack of $100 bills 70 miles high. These warmists are absolutely insane.

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4 replies

  1. “… seven times the world’s gross production, to drop the earth’s temperature only 1 degree Celsius.”

    So help me out here.
    If the entire globe stopped production (ie One times world’s gross production) tomorrow, and therefore ALL manmade emissions of CO2, methane and all other greenhouse gases ceased as a result, then as a consequence the earth’s temperature would drop significantly LESS THAN 1 deg C over the next 12 months???

    I just hope Nick and Bill are comparing notes …


  2. Smith needs his arse kicked for going along with this loony tune rubbish. What he is doing in the National Party completely escapes me.

    The table here is really informative as well.

    Shows what utter idiocy underpins this whole climate change idea.


  3. Yeah, I saw that the other day, Red:

    “This table shows that if Australia stopped every CO2 emission in the country right now, (in other words ended civilisation) and never allowed another emission to occur, that by 2050 the temperature would only show a drop of 0.0154 of a degree.”

    … which parallels the above assertions when scaled to include the entire globe.
    There’s nothing for it but that we all go and commit suicide so that mother-earth-goddess Gaia can recover/survive …

    This is worse than idiocy; the lunatics have turned the tables and are now running the entire asylum.


  4. I just did a post on what it would take to help the environment in Africa:

    I reckon I could do it with the UNDP’s budget for a few years…


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