General Debate 17/03/11

A letter from a poster to the Free Republic forum.

For those of you too young to remember Hanoi Jane is a bad person and did some terrible things during the Vietnam war. Things that can not be forgiven!!!! For those who served and/or died- NEVER FORGIVE A TRAITOR. SHE REALLY WAS A TRAITOR! And now OBAMA wants to honor her!



Sorry guys.

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  1. a couple of interesting things this morning

    First . .

    Can someone please tell me who gives the green light allowing nuts like Mohsen Al-Attar to lecture at a University ?

    Second . .

    Has anyone else noticed the gentle irony here? Well, let me explain with the help of my magic sledgehammer: save possibly the polar bear and the mighty snail darter there is no creature on the planet more totemic of green values than the whale. Saving whales is what greens do. Or rather what they used to do in the days when greens were actually interested in caring for the environment instead of, say, trying to destroy the capitalist system.

    . . just gotta love Delingpole’s sardonic prose !


  2. Please God–if there is a God–may this woman die painfully, without dignity and may the bitch die soon. Her presence pollutes the air decent people must also breathe.


  3. Not surprising Obama wants to honor her. Another four years of this, we won’t be able to recognize this country anymore.


  4. Umm – I think this is a hoax (at least partially). Certainly nothing to do with Obama. More at this link:
    I know Snopes doesn’t always get it right, but verification is important, especially when the allegation is so serious.


  5. The Snopes articles quotes both Carrigan and Driscoll, both of whom say that the story is a fabrication. Repeating stories like this only muddies the real issues: when these falsehoods are floating around everywhere, I think that makes it more difficult to criticise people like Fonda for the things that they actually did.


  6. I agree DDD. Actually, I should have woken up to it for this morning I recalled I had come across it earlier, and I see the thread has been pulled on Free Republic as a hoax.

    Nevertheless Fonda is still a traitor, for what she is known to have done and which there is no doubt.


  7. Hoax or not, any time this woman is on air etc I remind my children (who aren’t old enough to recall) this is the woman who sat in an anti aircraft gun in Hanoi while real Americans were fighting for freedom.

    Traitor . And never forget.


  8. Thanks for those links Angus. Trevor does a great job of exposing these scum, who use the benefits of freedom to destroy freedom.

    I doubt we’ll hear much about the whales being killed by wind farms. The media is far to deeply in the thrall of the environmental movement to make a big deal of this. You’re right about Dellingpole’s writing too. A unique style that is very effective.


  9. I see the Keywiblog is doing a whitewash of the Simon Power press release on his Offender Levy scheme. Just doing the National Party propaganda. What a disgrace to blogging.


  10. The only purpose Keywiblog really serves is that of a National Party propaganda outlet
    (and a means whereby DPF can ingratiate himself to the beltway left-wing circle-jerking establishment by espousing his “liberal” views on queers getting married, legal booze for 18 year olds and making snarky comments about the church)


  11. Andrew Klavan: Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work

    “Everywhere you turn these days, your public sector unions are hard at work, protesting cutbacks to public sector unions. Andrew Klavan exposes the charming charm of your unionized civil servants.”


  12. I see a homosexual paedophile ring has been stopped and some of these low lifes have been arrested in NZ. I understand 5 have been convicted. Some have got non custodial sentences and I beleive that all have name suppression. I do not know if it is permanent. Does anyone know?


  13. Sinner- As I said above it was also pulled by Free Republic. Jim Robinson would know if it was a hoax, and I trust his judgment. I don’t care much what Snopes says.


  14. Chuck- you got a link verifying they were homosexual? I can’t find one.


  15. On a different topic, it appears that we haven’t been told the whole complete story on these nuclear plants. It seems the danger is not so much in the actual reactor, but in the storage of spent fuel rods, still very radioactive and they apparently had 20 years worth of them sitting in what amounts to deep swimming pools, that have to be cooled constantly. See:

    I’m really having some problems who to believe anymore.


  16. Thanks for that info and link Bez. I reckon its impossible to know for sure what is going on there. (see my latest post for a good source on injuries) There is also a lot of info on the pools at that link.


  17. RB, the link is below but you could hardly expect the Herald to refer to it as a homosexual paedophile ring in the article let alone in the headline.

    I have quoted from the article below the link. The liberals try to argue that such scum are not homosexuals. The homosexual apologist contribute to this sort of outrage. Too many people are scared to call a spade a spade for fear of being called a homophobe.

    If adult homosexuals want to suck each others dick or lick each others arseholes that should be up to them. However, if the want to promote such behaviour as normal to school children that is my business. I have no doubt that brainwashing of school children makes them more vulnerable to homosexual paedophiles.

    “The suspects were members of an online forum,, that promoted sex between adults and young boys.”


  18. Yeah, OK, I didn’t realise the victims were boys. The age is immaterial in terms of their sexual orientation. If they are men and prefer sex with other males they are homosexuals.


  19. Do you agree with me on the way the media report homosexual offending? I would bet that not many male offenders would get a non custodial sentence if the victim was girl.


  20. Of course I agree. The media should be describing these offenders accurately,


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