Sue These Arrogant Superstitious Petty Tyrants For Their Back Teeth

The Nelson Mail reports-

Nearly 350 Mapua and Ruby Bay property owners are affected under an immediate Environment Court ruling limiting future subdivision because of climate change. The ruling came about as part of Tasman District Council’s proposed Plan Change 22, which considered predicted sea level rise and inundation and broadly shifts future development emphasis away from the coastal zone and toward hills.

Apart from the neanderthals on the local council, guess who else is behind this outrageous and falsely premised intrusion into property rights?

The plan change was developed in consultation with the community and with regard to advice from the Ministry for the Environment and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, said Mr Bush-King. It forecast that base sea level would rise to possibly 0.8 of a metre above the 1980 to 1999 average by the end of the century.

That idiot Nick Smith and his United Nations comrades. With predictions that have no scientific basis and have been discredited 100 times over by real scientists, even those reviewing reports at the United Nations.

These Council tyrants need to be taken down a peg either by suing them to prove their predictions are correct, (which they could not do) or making sure none of the sitting councilors are returned in the next election. Here’s another part of the problem-

Residents who gathered to discuss the proposed plan on Monday night were “less than pleased” at the council’s restrictive approach.

“Less than pleased??” God give me strength. These piffling weaklings deserve every misfortune that befalls them. The land owners should be burning effigies of these stinking little council tyrants (and Nick Smith) in the streets. No wonder the council treads roughshod over their rights, they’re too damn lame to do anything about it. Damn sheep.

3 thoughts on “Sue These Arrogant Superstitious Petty Tyrants For Their Back Teeth

  1. Fucking Smith is scum of the highest order and a slimy hypocrite to boot. Smith and the sceptic society are planning a piss up in one of Christchurch’s oldest stone buildings on the 20th, the day ken Ring has predicted another large earthquake to hit the country. Smith and the sceptic society claim Ring is fraud and a bullshit artist. Whether Ring is or is not isn’t the issue. Perhaps the sceptic society should look at who they hang out with, very quick to condemn Ring as unscientific. Where is their evidenced when it comes to positively proving global warming, if they cannot supply such material why their support for the mad fucking Smith and his predictions of impending doom. Ring maybe indeed wrong but then Ring isn’t taking money out of our pockets, unlike the hairy arsed Smith and his ETS.


  2. So in an area prone to earthquakes and landslides they propose to move housing from a theoretical,created risk area to a known and present danger area.


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