Ohio’s John Kasich- Everything John Key Should Be (but isn’t)

I have always liked John Kasich. He’s got that unpretentious attitude that is so rare in politicians, and a friendly Mid West accent. I enjoyed his TV show “From The Heartland”, on FOX and I reckon he did a far better job than O’Reilly when he stood in for Bill on The Factor. He’s gone on to greater things and managed to be elected as Governor of Ohio.

Ohio’s budget is in tatters like most government budgets in the west, including New Zealand. So what has John Kasich done about it? He’s done what damn well needs to be done and not gone out and borrowed and put Ohio further in debt just to preserve his own popularity. Like you-know-who here in NZ.

He’s suffered for it. Soon after the election, his personal popularity has fallen to 40 per cent. But John has done what needs to be done there too. Linda Chavez on Townhall reports-

He took his plan on the road, holding a big public forum in which voters could ask questions in person or on Twitter. And he did it in his characteristic hard-charging, upbeat style. He’s shown that he’s willing to lead on this issue.

Kasich has taken on public sector unions and defeated them just as Scott Walker did in Wisconsin. He’s cut back wasteful spending in education and defeated the unions who opposed it. He’s going to be privatising low security prisons and sell off five other prisons. He suggest rethinking laws that send men to state prison for not paying child support or for certain non-violent drug offenses. There’s many other plans to privatise and cut government expenditure, and Kasich is flat out there putting his argument to the people and fighting his case with courage and the articulation that is his special skill.

John Kasich will win voters over and get his popularity back because he has the guts and the self belief and the ability to do it. He didn’t run for Governor because he wanted to be Governor when he was a schoolboy. He did it because he believed in freedom, and because he wanted to roll back the destruction of decades of big spending Progressivism/ socialism.

How empty John Kasich makes John Key look, and what a shame we can’t have a Kasich instead of Key here in NZ. He’s just what we need.

2 thoughts on “Ohio’s John Kasich- Everything John Key Should Be (but isn’t)

  1. Once again Sinner you bypass the main point, which is that Kasich is prepared to put his popularity on the line and do what is necessary, and lead, and sell his policies. All things that Key will not do.

    To focus on the minor issue of the fathers going to prison indicates to me your mind is as unclear as any leftist’s.


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