What Is This Foul Mouthed Loser Doing In The NZ Parliament?

This is a letter I copied from Leighton Smith’s website and its one he received from someone not impressed with Hone Harawira’s public conduct. I’m not either. That Hone would carry on this way in the presence of women and children and fathers and mothers in a restaurant provides another reason as to why this ignorant lowlife should not be within a light year of our parliament.

That there is somewhere an assumption out there that Harawira is a “leader”, then standards in NZ have dropped a long way. IMHO, its long past time this loud foul mouthed racist thug was relegated to the dust bin of political history.

I am writing to express my disappointment and disgust with the foul language used by a sitting MP in a family restaurant in the presence of children.

On Wednesday 19 January my wife and I dropped by the Bank Street McDonald’s in Whangarei for a quick lunch. While we were eating, a group of people, including Hone Harawira sat down at the table next to us and we were only separated by a thin partition.

While everyone else at the table spoke quietly to each other or made discrete cellphone calls, Mr Harawira carried on a loud, basically one-sided discussion with a woman across the table.

The only voice we could hear was that of Mr Harawira and his frequent use of “f” words, as well as the even cruder language he used to describe someone he referred to as “Helen Keys.”

If Mr Harawira wants to carry on like that in his own home or on his marae, then that’s his business. But my wife and I don’t appreciate being subjected to his loudmouthed and totally inappropriate crudity in a public place and don’t think the children who were in the restaurant at the time should be subjected to it either.

Let Mr Harawira be a “legend in his own lunchtime,” not in ours.

Kind regards,

5 thoughts on “What Is This Foul Mouthed Loser Doing In The NZ Parliament?

  1. The Helen Key comment is spot on though. People should stop diffining MP’s from National and Labour and just title all MP’s as from the Nat/Lab coalition.

    Where’s Mark Bennett when you need him. He’d be the first to promote that on air.

    No surprise he’s not there any more. Any one know what happened to him btw??


  2. Wiki, there is nothing, and I mean nothing good to be said about John Hatfield, save that he opposes the Marine & Coastal Area Bill. He opposes it for the wrong reason, of course, but at least he opposes it. By any measure, and on any scale, John Hatfield is scum. A bully, and one of the most racist hypocrites to ever disgrace the New Zealand Parliament.


  3. The Mark Bennett question was in your second paragraph. I was responding to your first paragraph. If I knew the answer to the question in your second paragraph, I would have provided it. I don’t therefore I didn’t.


  4. Mark Bennett is a loudmouth and an unthinking one at that! Hatfield is a beneficiary for life. It matters not whether he is in Parliament, he’ll suck from the public tit! His entire family are scum who contribute nothing of value to this country. I am disappointed that all NZ politicians still champion the rights of the so-called disadvantaged. As long as this continues the wave of perceived entitlement will also. It is sad isn’t it? I cannot truly foresee an end to this garbage. Hatfield ought try to earn a living in the real world instead of perpetually being a bludger.


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