5 thoughts on “Fukushima Daiichi- Table Showing Current Status of Each Nuclear Reactor

  1. The MSM hates Japan for many reasons:

    -they are successful due to hard work
    -value oriented
    -capital punishment
    -they eat whales(!)

    to name a few.

    One week of hype, attempting to create mayhem and panic, and still not a single (nuclear) fatality to show for. They are clutching at straws now to find radiation in food, but I notice that now even on the ABC reporting about the ‘nuclear catastrophe/disaster’ takes up less than 30 seconds.


  2. Yeah it’s interesting how quickly the heat’s gone out of the MSM hysteria. Their 96-point headlines screaming ‘MELTDOWN!!!!!’ didn’t cause panic (except a few fucktards in the US). The Japanese are stoically putting their lives back together. Nobody is rioting. Nobody is looting. The yen is even rallying because cashed-up Japanese are bringing their money home to aid the reconstruction.


  3. Members of the most technologically advanced civilization in the history of mankind must either understand the technology or lose the civilization.

    The ignorance is breathtaking, but I’d rather watch a beautiful sunset.

    Inside the Beltway
    WashDC metro


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