Horizon Poll- Eight Per Cent Undecided Give Labour A Chance

The latest Horizon poll, if it can be believed, shows if an election were held today, the National led coalition would secure 46.2% of the party vote. A Labour-Green-New Zealand First coalition would have 40.6%. Some 8.2% remain undecided. Its a circumstance that could see John Key lose the election.

Peter’s is back with 6.2%. Key’s lack of message and inexplicable subservience to the Maori Party (nuts when they only have 1.1% support) left the door wide open for NZ First’s return.

Given that Labour and Goff are at a pretty low point and assuming that an election campaign would give them some improvement on their current status, the election is in reach for Goff. With Peter’s support.

The same old politically incoherent mix. The whole confused scenario exists because of a dismal leadership vacuum. Sure people LIKE John Key but where is the political direction? He simply does not 1) advocate a political position or 2) articulate an argument in support of that position.

Without these two factors, NZ is just going to continue to shuffle along in a zombi like socialist trance. With the gormless schoolboy John Key or the dopey socialist troglodyte Phil Goff at the head of the column. Who cares for either of those two alternatives?

4 thoughts on “Horizon Poll- Eight Per Cent Undecided Give Labour A Chance

  1. Y’know, I really don’t give a shit about the NZ “left” vs “right” paradigm anymore. The only way the status quo could ever change is after the place collapses into a chasm of economic ruin and many people get to experience genuine hardship (something that hasn’t been felt for decades) and don’t have the luxury of relying on government for support.


  2. Key is amiable but not inspiring. If he were not so generally well liked but expressed an inspiring plan to lift this country’s economic and social performances he’d be perceived as a leader rather than everyone’s best mate and be a popular choice at the polls.
    I think that due to MMP there is a real chance that Goof and his Greenie allies can sneak through at the next election. Sad when one thinks about Peters as a potential king-maker yet again.


  3. I think I was part of that poll, and I was undecided, but for reasons I couldn’t be bothered explaining to the pollster.

    But it’s good Labour think I might vote for them. I wont.


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