US’s Citizen’s Ignorance of Their Own History Shows School System Dysfunctional

At the heart of the communist attempt to bring down the USA is their penetration of the US schools system. If I was ever made President, I would immediately decree that every public school, every building and every document and learning utility within those buildings, be burned to the ground, every public school teacher sacked, and the system rebuilt from the ground up without any central control system, without any government funding, and without any government employees. State or federal.

Why would I do this? One simple reason. Wherever communists are making inroads into a country you will find they are funded by government money. The cutting off of government revenue will always drive communists out of business for they can never attract funding for their perverted system voluntarily. The US education system is hopelessly compromised and infiltrated by communists who use it as a river of funds to indoctrinate children. Children are, without them or their parents even being aware of what is happening to them, indoctrinated with the destructive values of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory. At the expense of a real education.

America’s history stands as a monument to freedom and individual liberty, and is therefore totally incompatible with the collectivist indoctrination process. Its no surprise then to find that when the odious propaganda sheet Newsweek, (recently sold for the princely sum of $1.00), decided to subject 1000 random Americans to the official citizenship test,

“29 percent couldn’t name the vice president. Seventy-three percent couldn’t correctly say why we fought the Cold War. Forty-four percent were unable to define the Bill of Rights. And 6 percent couldn’t even circle Independence Day on a calendar.”

The article this information comes from is itself a contemptible gathering of left wing lies half truths and misinformation. (written by Andrew Romano, a known extreme left zealot who has written other pieces attacking the Tea Party and Michelle Bachmann) Everything that drove Newsweek to the verge of bankruptcy. Leaving that aside, the incontrovertible facts on the test show the education system is a dysfunctional and destructive sovietized process. The most important part of defending and retaining freedom in the US lies in each and every citizen fully understanding how their country was formed. The school system is deliberately hiding this history from American children.

I once supported public education on the grounds that the principle of educating every child regardless of the financial position of that child seemed fine. Of course the left took the idea over and converted it to their cause, and as with everything the left get control of, they destroyed it. There no longer is an education system as the failed answers to the citizenship test above show.

There is no education taking place, only indoctrination where students are dumbed down to a level that will make them completely malleable to the ideas of socialism. This is just one more despicable act of betrayal that the left must one day be held accountable for, and that day has to arrive sooner than later.

(BTW, this criticism is not isolated to the US. The same pattern is occurring in every western country.)

5 thoughts on “US’s Citizen’s Ignorance of Their Own History Shows School System Dysfunctional

  1. The thing with a dumbed down education is that it creates a predictable society of citizens who will accept what they are told. That’s why Western governments originally supported it and that’s why they will continue to support it. The leaders of any given society are educated separately.


  2. I suppose you mean to say “this criticism is NOT isolated to the US”.
    Sinner is correct, in a way, as he forgets that people like Soros, Gates, and Jobs could not have risen to their astronomic heights in influence and fortunes WITHOUT all-encompassing government systems and regulations (especially the fraud involved in banking regulation and intellectual property, as far as these three are involved).

    [Yes I did. Thanks for the correction Bez]


  3. Gates and Jobs are useful idiots. They don’t understand they’re funding subversive influences. If they did fully understand they would cease. Well, that is what I believe anyway. I could be wrong. Not enough information.

    Soros is another story. He is a “one worlder” whose father even learned esperanto. I guess I will have to give Sinner his due on that one, but I still think Soro’s thinking is crosswired. He (I think) sees his mission as to reduce the presence of the US on the world political stage so that the UN can proceed as a world government unfettered by such silly notions as individual liberty.


  4. You cannot understand Soros without understanding Karl Popper (who by the way lived in NZ during the war, teaching at Canterbury Uni).
    Essentially, these are people that really believe they know what’s best for anybody else, and are therefore socialists at heart. Problem with Soros is of course that he’s actually putting his money where his mouth is, and that he is very cunning in abusing the inherent corruption in all things “democratic” and “political”, having found that a little money goes a very long way when applied through all manner of fanatic interest groups.


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