General Debate 24/03/11

John Stossel is a Libertarian I like. Strangely, he’s not homosexual, or obsessed with homosexuality to the point he believes it is somehow something to do with the Marxist concept of equality, and he doesn’t mention legalising drugs too frequently. Very refreshing. He has written a great post on Townhall.

In America today, the biggest recipients of handouts are not poor people. They’re corporations.

General Electric CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt is super-close to President Obama. The president named Immelt chairman of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Before that, Immelt was on Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. He’s a regular companion when Obama travels abroad to hawk American exports. (Why does business need government to do that?)

“Jeff Immelt is perhaps the CEO who is most cozy with President Obama,” says journalist Tim Carney. “General Electric is structuring their business around where government is going … high-speed rail, solar, wind. GE is lining up to get what government is handing out.”

Businesses love to have government as their partner. There’s safety in it. Why take chances in a marketplace full of fickle consumers and investors, when you can get secure money and favors from the taxpayers? It’s an old story, and free-market advocates as far back as Adam Smith warned against it. Unfortunately, too many people think “free market” means pro-business. It doesn’t. Free market means laissez faire — prohibit force and fraud, but otherwise leave the marketplace alone. No subsidies, no privileges, no arbitrary regulations. Competition is the most effective regulator.

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  1. And I want to make it clear, and I’ll make it clear to the President: that if he takes this nation to war in Iran, without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him. – Joe Biden

    I wonder if he still feels that way. Maybe he’s not interested in being pres anymore…. and shrilliary’s dream will come true.


  2. Sotssel’s shows are excellent… I can recommend, “What’s great about America”, “Sick in America” and especially “The battle for the future” but most are good if not excellent…

    Youtube away…


  3. I just heard Willie Jackson mention on air that there is a Stuff poll on whether Hughes will survive.

    Lets see if we can get the nos 90%.


  4. What would it require in order to get the “liberal right” to understand this:

    Antonio Gramsci – said the workers will never see their true class interests, as defined by Marxism, until they are freed from Western culture, and particularly from the Christian religion.

    Georg Lukacs – who was considered the most brilliant Marxist theorist since Marx himself, said in 1919, “Who will save us from Western Civilization?” He also theorized that the great obstacle to the creation of a Marxist paradise was the culture: Western civilization itself.


  5. You weren’t picking on those simpering sodomites (and in particular one Mr Darren Hughes) again were you, Chuck?!
    You know David “just-another-social-liberal” Farrar will have no negative comments regarding this “special class” of people – especially when they’re one of our “ruling elite”.


  6. I found where it was deleted. It is David’s blog and he is a nice guy in my opinion but a little inconsistent. He often lets very racist anti Maori remarks and huge generation’s and crude racist comments and say nothing.

    If I had said bloody paedophile faggots and inferred that all or most homosexuals were paedophiles I would say fair enough.

    I referred to the homosexual paedophile ring that has just been busted and how they all get name suppression.

    Sadly well meaning but misguided people like David Farrar and liberal like John Key help adolescent boys at risk by refusing to talk about the elephant in the room.

    It is a fact that can be easily backed up that homosexuals offend at numbers greatly disproportionate to their numbers in the community.

    It is sad that many libertarians like to stop rational debate on the subject.

    It is also a fact that on average homosexuals have a different view on sex between adults and adolescents than most heterosexuals.

    I do share Kris’s view on homosexuals they can do what they like in private between consenting adults but I object to them and the bedfellows promoting their lifestyle as a valid alternative. See where it has got society.


  7. Chuck,

    Thanks, so that’s what David means by conflating the issues.

    This is an interesting one, as I’ve watched a number of Labour scandals break on Kiwiblog over many years now, and yet I’ve never seen the sort of “protection”, I suppose is the only way I can describe it given to a Labour MP that is going down.

    There’s more to this than meets the eye, I think.


  8. @Chuck: you are incorrect that libertarians (generally) want to stop rational debate on the cultural effects of homosexuality, i.e. the way these cultural effects and homosexuality are being framed. You are probably confusing “libertarians” in general with the sniveling would-be libertarians that inhabit the NZ political landscape. These folk are NOT true libertarians, but are in fact left leaning social anarchists, with a weird type of Rand worship and morally chaired by an explicit homosexual. As far as I am concerned everybody can do whatever he/she feels like in the privacy of their homes, that’s none of my business, but whenever people start pushing their lifestyle into other peoples’ faces, or want to assume moral superiority regardless of their own proclivities, they themselves cross the boundary they wish to impose on others. At that point it is no more than just to analyse and evaluate the moral propriety of those lifestyle choices, and subject them to public debate and scrutiny.


  9. Act are filibustering the Marine and Coastal Areas Bill. I’ve got to give them their due for their steadfast opposition to it, but is it not time for them to withdraw from their Confidence and Supply agreement with the Nats for their dishonesty over the content?


  10. “but is it not time for them to withdraw from their Confidence and Supply agreement with the Nats for their dishonesty over the content?”

    The time WAS months ago when the Nats start the deals and secret accommodation with the Maori Party. It’s now too late. Act is doomed come November.

    Yes, you can blame it on Mr. Hide.


  11. Chuck 30 demerits is quite an achievement, but a comment deletion as well must have been truly incendiary.

    I got my 30 demerits for suggesting that if there was any justice, Klarkenfuhrer and Kullen would be in gaol or, better yet, swinging from lampposts. He allowed that comment to stand (with an admonition to advocate murder on my own blog), so to get a deletion is really impressive; perhaps something to aspire to.



  12. I agree now is too late for ACT to withdraw from the gummint. I think the time to do it was when Key The Quisling ignored 90% of his employers on the referendum over the anti-parenting law. They’re stuck with National now, for the remainder of this term. If they get back in, the trick will be to remain independent and not be bribed with the baubles.

    I did a couple of posts at Crusader Rabbit; an exchange of correspondence with Hilary Calvert, and one of the questions I asked here was ‘How much is too much? What will it take for ACT to walk away from the agreement with National? It’s a genuine question. Many of my friends and colleagues are genuinely considering a protest through the use of spoiled ballots in November because we don’t see a party deserving of our vote. ACT’s internal problems and its treatment at the hands of National (especially when compared to the beads, blankets and large swathes of foreshore & seabed being handed to the other partner) are making us wonder whether a vote for ACT is worthwhile.’

    She replied that ‘ACT is committed to stable government and will honour its confidence and supply agreement. Political instability is arguably the biggest killer of investment and New Zealanders deserve to know that when they elect a government it will remain stable for the duration of its term.’

    So I wouldn’t expect to see any dramas between now and November. I think if ACT wants to survive, they should seriously consider dumping Rodney now and installing John Boscawen as leader. His work on opposing the Emissions Trading Scam and the Race-Based Carve Up bill have given him a high public profile and he was not seen as a party to the internal ructions. He gives the impression of being a person of integrity, which is what ACT needs in its leadership. The other thing they should be doing is begging Muriel Newman to come back as Deputy Leader. I think Boscawen and Newman can possibly save ACT from its apparent fate.


  13. I see on the race-based carve up bill has been passed by the Parliament. Truly a sad day in the history of a once-great and proud little nation.


  14. When someone like Mr Hide creates a career out of being a perk-buster, a taxpayer watchdog if you like, they need to maintain the utmost of standards, especially in the knowledge that the media and political opponents will jump on even the slightest of indiscretions. Mr Hide is going to pay a high price for jet-setting around with his girlfriend.

    Methinks that the people of Epsom will decide to retire Mr Hide come November (and ACT with it)


  15. Mawm.
    You asked what I said to get 50 demerits and a deletion on Kiwiblog.
    Can’t remember the exact words but it was something like this.
    “Most of you have missed what else was in the Herald report. Hughes drinking partner was Simon of two bridges Tauranga. He has a lot of life without a wife and many is the pretty boy can be seen when the closet opens and shuts.’ or words to that effect.
    Now its said birds of a feather get together.

    Most crime is solved by good observation.
    More I could say but won’t.


  16. “I suppose is the only way I can describe it given to a Labour MP that is going down.”

    Lucia, I did not think you would use such vulgar terms even decribing the actions of a Labour MP.


  17. Thanks Robert. I remember seeing that post when you put it up. DPF is being just too precious about homosexuals.


  18. It was of course partly in jest but as I pointed out many a true word is spoken in jest.
    I must say I was surprised at the reaction given that many say and have said way worse then I ever do. (Red included. Ha).


  19. Robert, if you do not have solid evidence to support such a claim I think David is quite right to delete and discourage such remarks as they are defamatory. You also did not use your name so he would be subject to any lawsuit.

    As I said it is David’s blog. However, he allows some pretty crude personal abuse and shocking comments regarding Maori.

    Let me say many NZ libertarians seem to have an obsession with matters sexual. I have seen debates on whether incest involving consenting adults should be allowed. I think I have even heard that argument apply to animals. Are there not enough sheep jokes already.

    I think David understands that positive discrimination for one is negative discrimination for someone else.

    What he fails to understand is when one make an untrue statement like the rate of sexual offending against children and underage adolescents is the same for homosexuals and heterosexuals such a statement is offensive to heterosexuals because it casts them in a bad light.

    I must say Robert if you have any solid evidence you have civic duty to disclose it because closet bisexuals put their innocent wives as risk unless of course it is a shame marriage. What made me think of shame marriages.


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