Donald Trump’s Real Original Certified Signed Birth Certificate

Trump produced what he thought was his original certificate the other day. Turns out it was the certificate from the hospital he was born in, (still something that Obama can’t produce) and not an official document. What did Trump do? He didn’t spend millions paying lawyers to stymie attempts to see his real and original birth certificate. He went out and paid the small fee and got the official document. And here it is.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Real Original Certified Signed Birth Certificate

  1. Shit have big BC’s over there with heaps of info. Mine has about ten words on it but I guess those where simpler days. Hasn’t Barry sealed all his university work papers?, they would be worth reading. Probably full of socialist/progressive dribble, why else would you hide them.


  2. This is the official kind of Birth Certificate that Obama is either reluctant or incapable to produce.

    I asked my five children to produce theirs and their twelve children’s and four grandchildren’s…and they did, in a flash.

    Even I, myself, produced mine, although it took some time and an amount of money, for the need arose from special circumstances, although not as special…as aspiring to the becoming the public servant in* charge of the executive branch of the federal government, that is, the President of the United States of America is.

    *– Notice that the President, of any elected or unelected government employee is but a public servant, i.e., someone to serve us, We the People, and serve us well, for commensurate salary and collateral perks…and no more…neither “leader” or “head of state” are titles made even the slightest reference to in the Constitution, not “our President” as many idiots bombastically say as in “our King”. The President is to presided over the executive branch of the federal government and to serve us, furthermore, as the Commander in Chief of OUR, We the People’s, Armed Forces. America being a constitutional democratic-representative republic, a drastic notional shift is badly needed here: putting an end, once and for all, to the idiotic mindset of most Americans of granting a quasi-monarchical status to elected and unelected public servants.

    See, in my particular case and circumstances, I had to hire a lawyer in El Salvador –the country Mother Nature inertially gave me as motherland, America being, by deliberate judgment and by ebullient heartthrob, the one I chose as my country– to get a legitimate copy of my birth certificate and then process it through a lengthy authentication procedure that included a notary public who authenticated the signature of the bureaucrat issuing the photocopy, a judge of the peace that authenticated the notary public, the Minister of Foreign Relations, who authenticated the judge, and the American Consul in San Salvador, who authenticated the Minister of Foreign Relations. It cost me more than $2,500, but I had it done.

    Conversely, during his two-year-long apparently-squatting on White House premises, Obama has spent much larger amounts of money –in the millions, some contend– on lawyers, to have judges block American citizens’ demands that Obama deliver a genuine birth certificate.

    Notice that producing a legitimate birth certificate proving that Obama was born on American soil does not constitute complete proof of compliance with Constitution 215, for there is the issue of parenthood by a British subject, that is, the fact that Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a subject of the British Crown when The Dear Leader was born.

    Thus, we must use Trump’s showing his birth certificate as an excellent fulcrum to put due pressure on Obama to provide unambiguous and unequivocal proof of complete compliance with Constitution 215 (i.e., Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States of America, our framing document and which Obama deems just “…a charter of negative liberties…”), or at least producing a legitimate birth certificate.

    Copy-catting the tactics in the movie “Turk 182” (find it in Wikipedia), the two-word message, “Constitution 215” is all we, everybody who loves America, must send on a daily basis to:

    1- Obama at

    2- Your two U.S. Senators at the contact page of their respective websites, which you can find at

    3- And your U.S. House Representative at the the contact page of their respective websites, which you can find at

    This will for sure bring more attention upon the matter.


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