More on Andrew Bolt’s Heresy Trial

There should be an outcry over Andrew Bolt’s Melbourne trial. That there isn’t, and that so much of the media emits little puff pieces of quiet approval, or smirking “it serves him right” platitudinous hypocrisy always prefaced by the words “I care about free speech but” shows again how the cultural Marxists have degraded our society. And our cultural institutions. And our mainstream media. And academia. There are islands of sanity where the decaying hand of the socialists do not have quite the same degree of influence. If you seek them out, you can find them. Here is an excerpt from one such item in The National Times by Ted Lapkin.

Free speech is the essential prerequisite that underpins all other democratic liberties. Without the unconstrained exchange of views, there can be neither real political debate nor a truly free press. Government of the people, by the people and for the people becomes impossible without untrammelled political discourse. Our rights as free citizens crumble at the point where censorship regimes begin.

It’s inevitable that the rough-and-tumble political debate of any true democracy will cause some people to take offence sometimes. But that’s simply the price we pay for living in a free society.

But it is that most essential of liberties that the plaintiffs in the Bolt case are trying to constrict in the name of state-mandated racial orthodoxy. These Aboriginal leaders seek not only an apology, but also a court order that would prevent Bolt from ever expressing similar views again.

Think about that for a moment. The plaintiffs seek to exploit the coercive power of the state to impose a permanent ban on words that they find personally upsetting. Nothing could be more childishly solipsistic. Nothing could be more inimical to democracy. The plaintiffs’ counsel has proclaimed high and low that this trial has nothing to do with freedom of speech. But methinks he doth protest too much.

Even the most impassioned declarations cannot change the essential fact that he and his clients seek to penalise political expression simply because they don’t like its content. And to that end they are pushing Australian democracy towards the brink of a slippery slope that cascades downwards to totalitarian perdition.

The whole article is here.

6 thoughts on “More on Andrew Bolt’s Heresy Trial

  1. And it occurs to me that this fascist madness won’t end until bloggers en masse reprint exactly what Bolt said–and invite the fucking state to prosecute.


  2. Yep, pretty stark contrast to that disgusting crap from the Melbourne Age exampled in General Debate.

    …and of course this isn’t just about the fake aborigines, the left are out to get Bolt because he is such an effective advocate against so many of their scams, global warming being one of the best examples.

    All the blogs should be screaming out in defense of Bolt.


  3. All Bolt did was point out the blindingly bloody obvious. The Plaintiffs in this case could equally (perhaps more than equally) have attributed to themselves the adjective of Scottish, German, English or (heaven forbid) even Australian. I wouldn’t accuse any of them of being charlatans who ‘chose’ Aboriginality in order to cash in on the race-based advantages given to these disadvantaged indigenous peoples, but it is curious that they identify as Aboriginal over all of the other ingredients of their ancestral makeup.

    Of course the same thing happens in New Zealand. Call me racist, but why would Irish-New Zealander Stephen O’Regan magically transform into Maori New Zealander Tipene O’Regan when the Treaty gravy train rolled into town? Or the Hatfields become the Harawiras at the same time? It couldn’t possibly be to cash in on race-based funding and advantage because they’re above such things, so I wonder what the catalyst was?


  4. There are islands of sanity where the decaying hand of the socialists do not have quite the same degree of influence. If you seek them out, you can find them.

    They’re called economic departments (excepting the Keynesianites)…


  5. RB, this is off-topic, but related in how wobblies in harness to the Statists will lie to chill speech and set the stage for laws which violated the constitutional protections of speech. They all put in the boiler plate “Free speech is essential to liberty” followed by the inevitable “BUT” to introduce the next assault on speech.

    Besides, you haven’t attacked this SKUNC in a long time, and the true Right needs to be reminded how DAMNED he is.


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