$50,000 Fines For Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas Tree Decorations

I am so sick of these obsessive secularists who single our heritage religion out for strict censure by way of government regulation at the same time as they fall over backwards to allow special concessions for Muslims.

Here we have a cadre of mincing little cultural Marxists in Melbourne obsessively busying themselves on the taxpayer dollar writing new regulations for childcare centres that seek to enforce a fine of $50,000 for encouraging children to decorate Christmas trees or engage in Easter egg hunts. With $10,000 fines imposed upon individual workers.

What the damn hell is wrong with us when we so meekly accept this petty tyranny from these pencil pushing Marxist scum? Where do they even get the idea that they have the right to wrote and impose such laws upon we the people? Where did this all start?

They’re going to fine Australian Christians for decorating Christmas trees in child care centres yet Muslim groups can set up enclaves throughout Australia and block public thoroughfares during prayer sessions with out a hair being turned or a cop being within a light year?

This is the “Education and Care Services National Act”, which has been passed by Victoria as the “host jurisdiction” and will be replicated by other states and territories. Naturally. Victoria is a stinking cesspit of Marxist ideas that people leave in droves for other states. The law states- Children cannot be “required to undertake activities that are inappropriate, having regard to each family’s family and cultural values, age and physical and intellectual development”. Where would these Marxist scum be without their favourite word “INAPPROPRIATE”?

The Australian reports-

ECA chief Pam Cahir said childcare centres would use “common sense” to decide if activities were culturally appropriate. “If you have a centre with a high Muslim population you’re not going to be asking them to decorate a Christmas tree. I think common sense should prevail.”

Common sense would see this arrogant and tyrannical bitch and her $50,000 fines out on the street without a damn job. Its long past time time we pushed back against these faceless Marxist bureaucrats and their tyrannical regulatory attacks on our cultural heritage.

7 thoughts on “$50,000 Fines For Easter Egg Hunts and Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. If these lying bastards are truly convinced that “commonsense will prevail”…then why the need for yet more laws and regulations?


  2. I’m starting to think that the riots in the streets of London are the way also for conservatives to go. The time for reasoned debate is past, since reasoned debate has become a code phrase for defeatism. And our opponents are beyond reason, since they’re fanatics.
    It will come down to a stark choice–fighting in the streets, or slavery.


  3. In a word “Pathetic!”
    If these slimy Marxist appeasers of Islam had their way they would penalise Christian parents for sharing their faith with their own children in the privacy of their own homes!

    While we need to deal head-on with uncontrolled Muslim immigration, etc, we FIRSTLY need to deal with those from within our own ranks who are sought on destroying Western civilisation, removing any and all references to our Judeo-Christian heritage, and who simply see Islam as yet another means by which they can implement their Marxist agenda.

    Deal with the cultural Marxists in our midst, and reintitute Judeo-Christian principles, and the Muslim problem simply goes away (along with all the other pc BS, pandering to queers, corrupt education, etc).


  4. Huh… Here in Dearborn, Michigan, the local high school had the ENTIRE football team practicing late at night for a month in observance of Ramadan, so that the Muslims could fast during the day. Additionally, they get to segregate themselves so they’re not in the cafeteria during lunchtime, behavior that would get their Infidel counterparts detention and/or suspension, no doubt. Not to mention, my polling location, the local elementary school, has a sign saying “Family Library” above its door, IN ARABIC ONLY. “Winter Break” instead of Christmas Vacation, “Spring Break” instead of Easter Vacation, Earth worship (AKA “Earth Day”), the homosexualization of schoolchildren, now THIS…??? I don’t recognize my OWN country anymore…


  5. Pam Cahir, the horrible little bureacratic thug behind this travesty is unelected. We need to tell our local representatives to stop dictatorial thugs like Cahir from doing these kinds of things, or we will take our votes elsewhere.


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